Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog whistles, canards, euphemisms, innuendoes, insinuations, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Sept. 30-October 4, 2016

blacks: the original racists who blame the true victims–whites. Blacks in America are automatically granted immunity from racism, especially by their African President, who condones their looting and rioting.

This argument supporting racial hatred and even a new segregation is especially displayed in thoughts like these

It is a great mystery why the least productive thirteen percent of the country, the most dependent on welfare, the most criminal, should be permitted to steal, burn, rape, and beat those who behave in accordance with civilized standards. To shout “kill Whitey” while buying groceries with an EBT card, to expect to be taken care of, to get welfare and affirmative action while attacking the caretakers, does not suggest a crushing burden of mental acuity.

The bedrock problem, which most know but none dare speak, is that blacks cannot, or assuredly do not, perform at the level of whites. Exceptions, yes, but the exceptions are exceptions. They never have performed, not in Africa, not in Haiti or Jamaica, not in Detroit. It is a frightful truth, but a truth. They know it. We know it. Liberals know it. Conservatives know it. No amount of pretending can change it. No amount of rabid ideological egalitarianism, of holding our breath and turning blue, will produce different results.

fact -checking: liberal activism.

financial regulation: government-induced systemic risk. As in the case of Deutsche Bank, the government is actually robbing financial institutions, and blaming them for the 2008 crash that was largely government-induced. Washington created the bank panic that its own heroics were later required to staunch.Synonyms for this include: seizure, confiscation, bank raid, political stunt (an election robbery) playing to the Sanders-Warren crowd, turning banks into public utilities, etc.

Most notable in all of this blame-shifting is the Tea Party/GOP insistence that no crimes were committed because no high-level BANK executive has ever been convicted or jailed. They pretend that no one can say what the banks did wrong, except to make decisions that at the time seemed profitable for them, and, in any event, were forced upon them by federal regulators. Axiomatically, the greatest risk to the economy is financial regulation.

globalism: the plot to undermine US national sovereignty by dividing America into warring ethnic groups and sexual “identities” that can be conquered by the global elite.

healing the racial divide: Stop-and- Frisk.

This is the answer to the question, “How do we reduce gun violence?,  not the question “how do we heal the racial divide?” Stop and Frisk actually increases the racial divide, but this rhetorical sleight-of-hand switches the subject from racial discrimination to crime prevention, absurdly proposing racial profiling as a way to heal the racial divide. In fact, the term “racial divide” is a euphemism for racism and bigotry. How can there be a “divide” over race? Either you judge and treat people by their race or you don’t.

Hillary’s election: the start of the war on whites, Walmart, and the wealthy.

immigrants: African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern interlopers-under Hillary, welcome 30 million refugees from the world’s failed states

justice: in the Obama/Clinton world, always comes at the expense of order, as does “equality.” People will choose law and order over justice and equality every time when confronted with the choice.

the Last Election: as Rudy Guiliani has put it,”There’s no next election. This is it. There is no more time for us left to revive our great country. No more time to repeat our mistakes of the Clinton-Obama years.

This apocalyptic fear mongering will only heighten as Election Day approaches, so look for more outbursts like this Rush Limbaugh classic:

Because this corruption is destroying every institution and every tradition that has defined this nation and its greatness. And it sets out to destroy anybody who wants to maintain those traditions and institutions or strengthen them. And I’m like you, I’m fed up with these people prevailing. But this is what the left has wrought.

narrative peddling: what the race hustlers on the left prefer to problem-solving. Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte–all of these so-called “citizens’ uprisings” are really just organized thuggery, caused by the collapse of the black family. (see Victimism,” below)

New York Times: The bankrupt propaganda machine that lives on CIA subsidies.

protest: to Dems and BLM, that thing where private property gets invaded, looted, and destroyed. Aka, a riot.

social justice: the politics of victimization that divides to conquer.

values-based behavior: what has ruined America under Obama/Clinton, with their holier-than-thou sense of moral superiority and same-old same old approach to governing. Donald Trump.on the other hand, is unconventional and will shake things up. His unpredictability is what America needs.

Trump’s transactional calculus applied to all political and economic issues also means the US will be ruderless, totally unreliable to foreign allies, and become a rogue state. Putin will be proven correct: all talk of Western “values” is hypocritical balderdash. As Martin Wolf puts it in the Financial Times:

If Mr Trump were to win, it would be a regime change for the world. It would, for example, end efforts to manage the threat of climate change, possibly forever. But even his candidacy suggests that the US role in the global order risks undergoing a transformation. That role depended not only on American economic and military prowess, but also on the values it represented. For all its mistakes, the ideal of a law-governed democratic republic remained visible. Hillary Clinton is an imperfect candidate. Mr Trump is something else altogether. Far from making America great, his presidency might unravel the world.

Victimism: the pernicious liberal narrative that all women, minorities, and sexual deviants (i.e., the LGBT crowd) are due special protection by the federal government because they are victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, April 5-12, 2016

Clinton Foundation: the Brazilianization of US politics.

humiliation: A bedrock Trumpian narrative, invoking outrage, victimhood,  and revenge . This narrative of retaliation frames our refusal to exert force abroad as a pathological weakness,   and is fueled by the myth of American Exceptionalism to generate and inform a seething  emotional and philosophical seedbed of violence and retaliation. Singling out “the bad guys” (Mexicans, Muslims, etc.)  assigns blame for feelings of humiliation, vulnerability, and powerlessness. Trump Nation serves as both an audience and a humiliated protagonist who will do anything to reclaim agency and sovereignty. After all, the word humiliation’s Greek root has to do with dirt, subordination, a putting down, hierarchies–the very opposite rhetorical schema  as that of American Exceptionalism. 

This argument that humiliation lies at the roots of fascism was summed up nicely in 1995 by Umberto Eco, who argued that  fascists are a cult of “action for action’s sake,” where “thinking is a form of emasculation”; an intolerance of “analytical criticism,” where disagreement is condemned; a profound “fear of difference,” where leaders appeal against “intruders”; appeals to individual and social frustration and specifically a “frustrated middle class” suffering from “feelings of political humiliation and frightened by the pressure of lower social groups”; a nationalist identity set against internal and external enemies (an “obsession with a plot”); a feeling of humiliation by the “ostentatious wealth and force of their enemies”; a “popular elitism” where “every citizen belongs to the best people of the world” and underscored by contempt for the weak; and a celebration of aggressive (and often violent) masculinity.

legal thieves: government officials. Almost all taxation is over-taxation.

living Constitution: the Lib Dem rationale for limiting the rights of citizens and Congress through judges legislating from the bench.

moral relativism: the seeds of Al Qaeda and ISIS. Rooted in the moral nihilism of the Lib Dems.

“of course”, “no one is saying,” etc: The standard qualifier, designed to counter liberal charges of racism, sexism, etc.  This rhetorical ploy is a smokescreen designed to shift the conversation and reassure the faithful, as Fred Clark argues in his Slactivism blog:

The substance of the Standard Answer comes last because the substantial aspect — punish doctors, not women — isn’t coherent enough to bear the weight of a satisfactory answer. The load-bearing work is done prior to that insubstantial substance. The key component is the dismissive tone — all that “of course” and “no one is saying …” business that denies the legitimacy of the question and thus denies that any response needs to be substantial or logical or coherent. The boldness of this evasion is softened and diffused by the move from singular to plural and from the particular to a vague, undifferentiated “we.”

The Standard Answer, in other words, avoids engaging the question as “What do I think” by shifting the response to “What we say/think/believe is …” This may seem unimportant to the questioner, but it is vitally important to the answerer because, again, this is the primary function of the Standard Answer: reassuring oneself that an answer exists and that “we” have one, and that therefore I do not need to worry about it any further.

religious freedom:  The freedom to exercise your faith-based conscience, even if it means curtailing the freedom of others. The logic of this claim of “freedom” invariably leads to protecting bigots.

supple economy: one with low taxes and little or no regulation. A supple economy works best with a supine government. A well-functioning capitalist system relies on prices for guidance, not rules.

urban school children: victims of the pathology of black culture: absent fathers, drug addiction, hip-hop, etc. Notice how this meme pathologizes all black youth, who already face the high likelihood of prison, police stops, etc.


Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov. 21-27, 2015

campus Huns: leftist college students and faculty stifling free speech.

cheap shots: any uncomfortable or inconvenient questions that reporters ask Tea Partiers. (see “sneaky”,. below). These kinds of attacks are also always rooted in political correctness, an Orwellian adherence to the Dem party line.

college: where incompetents indoctrinate sheep-like students in radical nonsense.

counterfeit identities: any lib flavor-of-the-month (see “libsplaining’, below). The only true identities are nation, family, and God. Everything else is unmoored or faked.

fantasy strawman: any attack on GOP positions. (see “cheap shots,” above, and “invective and derision,” below). Obama oversimplifies or exaggerates GOP shortcomings in order to attack them. Any criticism of the GOP is thus a “fantasy,” something that is by definition false and concocted.

foundational values: decency, tolerance, supporters of full rights for women, free speech and practice of religion, etc. Aka, everything Islam opposes.

human rights: in a time of war (such as the one we are now in), a luxury, rich liberal’s play thing–along with freedom of speech and assembly, racial justice, bans against torture, etc.

invective and derision: Obama’s governing rhetorical style

libsplaining: the Orwellian sludge of sanctimonious liberal gibberish and euphemisms, e.g., “safe spaces,” “a legacy of slavery,” “white privilege,” “leading from behind,” “universal human rights,” “disparate impact,” “cisgender,” “workplace violence,” etc. Aka, left-wing trollery, tendentious, question-begging twaddle. Liberalism itself is a progressive propaganda machine whole sole aim is to silence its enemies.

Obama: the hapless and bumbling nutty professor.

sneaky: any reporter who asks Tea Partiers an uncomfortable or inconvenient  question (see “cheap shots”, above)

social justice warriors: grim, angry and arrogant.


Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov. 16-19, 2015

assimilation: when Muslims stop practicing their faith and culture.

Christian genocide: not immediately letting all Christians fleeing the Middle East into the US. It’s not considered genocidal however when Muslims are denied asylum, even though they are the chief targets of ISIS.

civilian casualties: the price of a necessary total war against ISIS. Blowback be damned.

civilizational conflict: terrorism is not caused by videos, geography or climate change, but by Islamists who hate us for what we are and want to destroy “civilization.”. Note that “civilization” here refers only to non-Muslim countries. Also, in the “clash of civilizations” meme, in what conceivable way can ISIS be called a civilization?

contrived: any liberal college student demands. “Contrived” implies made-op, imaginary, fake, or manipulative, thus illegitimizing whatever content they may have. Their manifestos and demands are always called “screeds.”

decadence: when you no longer even know what marriage is or what boys and girls are.

fake racism: microaggressions and other perceived phantoms of alleged racism. Racism is now anything liberals and cop-haters say it is. Bring back that old time lynching

generosity of spirit: for losers, when it comes to admitting Syrian refugees into the US.

handwringing: what goodhearted liberals (aka, righteous tut-tutters and bleaters) and coddled, privileged college kids do whenever respond to economic or political issue. They hysterically overreact to any perceived slight or threat to their totalitarian control of language and discourse.

higher learning: higher moaning.

liberalism: a suicidal modern ideology.

petulant: Obama whenever he criticizes the Tea Party. Also may be described as petty, peevish, sanctimonius,  condescending, vindictive, embittered and sullen.

rabid dogs: refugees, according to Ben Carson.

religious distemper: Islam. Let the new Crusades begin: Islam also  likened to Nazism by Marco Rubio:

Rubio declared himself baffled by Clinton’s carefully parsed distinctions. “I don’t understand it,” said Rubio. “That would be like saying we weren’t at war with the Nazis, because we were afraid to offend some Germans who may have been members of the Nazi Party, but weren’t violent themselves.”

secular satanism: liberalism, aka:

A godless religion of self-worship and relativism, this culture of death, this ideology of falsehood and insanity

shakedown godfathers: Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

tolerance: Dem fetish leading to a coddling of terrorists. Calling tolerance a fetish itself fetishizes Tea Party intolerance , which this week became a totem object of tribal bonding, bloodlust, and vilification of “the other.”

understand: coddle, as with terrorists.

us-vs.-them: the kind of country and world we live in.

Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov. 13-14, 2015

barbarians: foreigners and immigrants, now said to be “at the gates.”  Calling them barbarians is a necessary rhetorical step towards demonization and dehumanization, both necessary public sentiments if Donald Trump’s plan to deport 12 million immigrants comes to fruition.

contextualization: progressive utopianists’ prevarication and apologetics when it comes to fighting terrorism. (see also “”post-Christian therapeutic society”,  below)

demonization: any Dem characterization of the Tea Party, or any loaded-diaper attack (see below) on Ben Carson.

loaded diaper attacks: college student protests about racism, sexism, etc. on campuses in in American society.  College students, in their coddled privilege and  “maelstrom of insecurity, impecuniousness, immaturity, and the insatiable lust for sex, power, and diversion”, are free to shit all over college administrators and, of course , all normal Americans. All part of the grievance industry–now weaponized victimhood after the resignation of the Univ. of Missouri’s president and Provost.

Old Testament finger-pointing: any defense of Dem positions, such as on climate change, immigration, fighting Islamic terrorism, etc. (see “demonization,” above). Any Dem moral position or policy is thus demonized as intolerant, vengeful, and triumphant, a form of “political absolutism.”)

post-Christian therapeutic society: Obama’s nightmare secular world of leisure and affluence, at least for the Coastal elites. Whereas Obama is post-Christian, ISIS is “pre-modern.” Therapy thus becomes  a substitute for action, an ineffectual talking cure that only encourages disengagement and emboldens “the enemy.”

scapegoating: according to Dems, what Tea Partiers (aka, nativist bigots) do to immigrants whenever they question  US immigration policies.

surrendering: relying on diplomacy and apologetics to combat Islamic terrorism. According to Obama, surrendering is the truest way to “honor our values.” Surrender is his way of “ending” war. (also see “contextualization,” above)

Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Sept 21-Oct 1, 2015

conscience rights: any moral position a Tea Partier holds that gives them an exemption from following the law.

crackpot attitudes: Pope Francis’s positions that the Tea Party disagrees with. (See also “leave it to the scientists,” below).

free stuff: any form of government safety-net assistance. While both Romney and Bush have used this Gradgrindian dog-whistle term, neither specifies whether it refers to food, clothing, rent, heat or health care, making it sound less draconian, as if all they are denying the poor are free samples. The rhetorical effect is to imply that the poor are “unfit for democracy.” (see below)

hack ramble: any Hillary speech.

inefficient: Anyone getting government aid (aka,”free stuff). Efficiency is the cardinal operating principle of an unfettered free market.

infanticide: any abortion

leave it to the scientists: the Grand Old Tea Party’s refrain to any of Pope Francis’s homilies about climate change. Of course, as soon as the Pope left the US, they reverted to their habitual mode of constant attack of all and any climate change advocate who cites “the science.”

moralizing: whenever the Pope takes a moral position that the Grand Old Tea Party opposes.  When they support his position, as in the case of abortion and birth control, they call him a moral touchstone, not a “moralizer” issuing “broadsides.”. Aka, “politicizing”. (see “crackpot attitudes,” above)

nice talk: any Obama admin attempt at foreign policy accommodation, negotiation, or moderation. Aka, “singing Kumbaya”.

politicization: what the Pope does when he talks about climate change. (See “Leaving it up to the scientists,” above). Somehow, though, when Republicans talk about Planned Parenthood, Benghazi, or gun control, they do not see themselves as “politicizing” such issues.

small government: the end of the regulatory and welfare state.

social justice: the root of all corruption, inequality, and poverty. The less of an emphasis there is on social justice, redistributionism, and a “cooperative” rather than a competitive economy, the greater the prosperity. Government is, after all, the most impovershing force of all.

unfit for democracy: anyone who voted for Obama. More specifically, refers to anyone getting “free stuff”–see above.

voting: the ultimate consumer approach to governing, Note that this concept does not include any moral obligation whatsoever. In this sense it is the opposite of citizenship, which entails deciding on who gets what, how tax money gets spent, social and foreign policy, etc. To just be courted as a voter without any sense of civic responsibility is akin to having your religiosity reduced to how much you tithe.

Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, July 21-25, 2015

all lives matter: a rhetorical way of dismissing #blacklivesmatter.

America’s best interests: not an Obama priority.

apocalypse: the inevitable outcome of the Iranian nuclear deal. Ted Cruz says millions of Americans, Israelis and Europeans  will die as a result, and typical Tea Party bloviation blithely intersperses references to Munich, Hitler, Stalin, and Armageddon. Of course, the really embarrassing moment comes the day after the predicted Armageddon, when the doomsayers have to ‘splain themselves.

austerity: the belief that starving people will make them healthy. Aka, the dog chasing its tail, because as budgets are cut, people laid off, and the social safety net eviscerated, human misery increases and GDP declines.

badgering moralizing: any policy speech or principled political stance by anyone opposed to any Tea Party position

decisive leadership: starting a new war against Iran, Russia and/or ISIS on Day One in the White House

deserved benefits: Social Security and Medicare. Everything else, from food stamps to Medicare–is undeserved, and thus a “handout.”

heritage: in the case of the South (the Old Confederacy), shorthand for slavery–That Which Cannot be Mentioned. Use of this term is a perfect example of so called “empty rhetoric,” which is all symbol and no actual content. Of course, rhetoric is never “empty,” since it always serves a purpose. In this case, the purpose is continued reverence toward a slavery-based society.

limited government and individual freedom: presuppose (rest upon a foundation of) religious faith and traditional values..

the patient: the unborn baby, not the mother.

productive workers: lower-paid, no minimum wage, reduced or abandoned workplace safety and labor standards.The only way the Tea party can meet its impossible dream of a  4% growth rate is through massive changes to labor, tax, welfare, trade and social safety net laws and expenditures. This reductionist, Gradgrindian notion of productivity reduces workers to being cogs in a machine, and doesn’t take any human welfare issues into account. Moreover, as Paul Krugman argues, Jeb Bush’s recent call for American workers to work more is a dog-whistle call to the “makers” (the so-called “job creators”), to take back the nation from the “takers”–the lazy Americans who make up Obama Nation:

You see this laziness dogma everywhere on the right. It was the hidden background to Mitt Romney’s infamous 47 percent remark. It underlay the furious attacks on unemployment benefits at a time of mass unemployment and on food stamps when they provided a vital lifeline for tens of millions of Americans. It drives claims that many, if not most, workers receiving disability payments are malingerers — “Over half of the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts,” says Senator Rand Paul.

It all adds up to a vision of the world in which the biggest problem facing America is that we’re too nice to fellow citizens facing hardship. And the appeal of this vision to conservatives is obvious: it gives them another reason to do what they want to do anyway, namely slash aid to the less fortunate while cutting taxes on the rich.

scripted talk: the insincere, boilerplate language liberals use to pretend they care about black lives, when all they actually care about is political gain and waving the bloody flag of racism. Thus any Dem talk about preserving the family, the need for education, the avoidance of illegitimacy and drug use–all the real hallmarks of black culture–are smokescreens.

thuggery: any organized opposition to the Tea Party

traditional morality: the only way to both limit government (challenge the Leviathan) and make individuals take moral responsibility for their own well-being.

Glossary: Key memes, dogwhistles, canards, euphemisms and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, June 24-28, 2015

acting white: taking personal responsibility, quoting the Constitution, opposing big government, taking pride in America, etc.

assimilation: according to Michelle Malkin, “a Class A felony in the liberal rulebook and a threat to the Democratic grievance racket.”

balloon: what all deficits or health care bills do under Obama. Alternatives: soar, explode, mushroom, skyrocket.

criticism of attempts to turn religion into law: part of the War on Christianity. Part of the rhetorical fabric of the unending Tea Party Grievance, Hatred and Fear campaign.

devastating critique: any criticism aimed at the Left, or attacking laws or policies antithetical to the Tea Party/GOP. Most recently, any dissent written by Antonin Scalia.

eduacracy: the Higher Ed Thought Police.

empathy-based jurisprudence: Tea Party/GOP shorthand for any Supreme Court that goes against them (see “the rule of law,” below). To base legal findings on moral principles (sentiments,they used to call them) or common sense is dangerous because they were not voiced by the Founders.

Enforcers of Ethnic Authenticity:  the p.c. crowd, the final arbiters of who gets to call who what. aka, “identity-mongers,” the “civility police,” the “tolerance mob,” “militant hyphenated fetishism,” etc.

foment: what Dems do to the public every time they talk about race.

getting money out of politics; Demspeak for suppressing free political expression.

institutional racism: doesn’t exist, despite mass incarceration rates of blacks, attacks on blacks’ voting rights, educational inequality, inadequate housing, etc.

liberty and dignity: what big government takes away from free people everywhere.

(we need) more people pushing the cart than riding in the cart: Bobbie Jindal’s rationale for cuts to Louisiana state Medicaid coverage. The poor as shiftless moochers.

a moral and religious people: what the marriage equality ruling undoes, turning America into mon0thesitic state whose core secular religious beliefs–diversity and redistribution–trump all other religious freedom. This is one of the two main non-sequiturs the Tea Party has applied to the marriage equality ruling: the end of religious liberty and at least the implication that anyone objecting to gay marriage will either be forced to gay marry or criminalized. The slippery slope to Sharia Law.

natural marriage: between a man and a woman; the oppoiste of gay marriage, aka sodomy-based marriage.

racist element:  the classic “bad apple” dodge. As Bill O’Reilly argued, sure, the Confederate flag appeals to some “racist elements,” but it also stands for tradition and honor. Calling racism an “element,” this false equivalency between racism and honor not only undercuts the corrosive moral weight of hate and racism, but also overlooks the fact that Southern “tradition” and “honor” were inherently race-based.  As Jelani Cobb put it, ugly racism and “the sticky moral baggage of bondage” were the “original intent” behind the Confederacy. This romanticization of the Confederacy wants to put slave owners on an equal footing with Civil War enactors, in an attempt to whitewash the original sin of slavery.

retrograde leftism: any positions of Bernie Saunders or Elizabeth Warren. By casting them as the “back to the future” candidates, this framing marginalizes them as throwbacks to the Wobblies or whatever, entirely dismissing the possibility that their political positions are getting traction with tens of millions of living Americans, many of them under thirty.

the rule of law: what is violated every time  Supreme Court decision goes against the Tea Party/GOP. To the right, the “original intent” of the Constitution is transparent and even interpretable. In such a clockwork universe, political laws are as fixed and unchanging as religious laws or natural law.

a secular theology of self-actualization: marriage equality. By this logic, marriage equality is antithetical to free speech and religious liberty because “hedonism”  (a “secular religion) will constitutionally prevail over religious objections.

zealot: anyone talking about race, advocating the banning of the Confederate flag, etc. Zealotry is stigmatized in this usage as something unreasonable and unhinged, but seems perfectly acceptable in defense of American exceptionalism.

Glossary: Key memes, dogwhistles, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, June 17-23, 2015

All men are created equal: the Tea Party wants this to mean that everyone has a shot at the American Dream (see below), so the rich should have lower tax rates to allow income to magically “trickle down.” The phrase’s original intent, however, had more to do with equal political opportunity, which of course is not widely distributed in America due to racial and class divisions.

The  American Dream: Tea Party/GOP  myth of upward mobility, probably the biggest lie ever. Ever-ready rationale for Social Darwinism.

grifters: anyone working for the Clinton Foundation or on Hillary’s campaign staff. Aka, “political operatives” or “grandees.”

hangers-on: anyone attending the Charleston funerals or voicing support for calls of racial justice or gun control. Aka, opportunists, easy riders, exploiters, the mob, interlopers, and the Deadheads of racial grievance.

overclass: Obama administration officials or any Dem political strategists, all of whom consider themselves vastly superior to Tea Partiers.  Aka, “grandees.”

playing politics: any time Obama comments on public policy, especially when it comes to guns, race, climate change, or financial reform.

quasi-Marxism: the hidden agenda of all Dem policies. As explicated in the National Review, this Dem pathology/arrogance/naivete assumes that:

human nature is infinitely malleable, that power dynamics can explain all undesirable human interactions, and that re-education can serve not only to change society for the better but to wipe out all instances of immorality or law-breaking

This cartoon version of liberalism reduces it to a naive belief in the perfectibility of human nature, a belief that ultimately is “suicidal.” This Tea Party “law of nature” philosophy, based on conflict and hierarchy, views all rational attempts to reconstruct or reform society as doomed. Thus the very notion of Progressivism is delusional.
racism: A “leftist construct.” This is an insidiious conflating of the idea of race as a social construct–a word-made world–into charges of racism as leftist propaganda, rendering any moral claims as nothing more self-serving fictionalizing.
redistribution: another of those master-tropes (such as The American Dream (see above) that has become the oppose

stigmatization of normalcy: the subversive Dem master-strategy. The Tea Party narrative here is that “normal” American values are being marginalized by the liberal media and an incessant Dem campaign to make “normal” seem racist, sexist, or selfish. This entire meme harkens back to the hippies vs. squares culture wars of the Sixties.

taking over our country: migrants, underclass “grifters,” the “entitled,”and the politically correct. Having “lost” the country, the question is whether to try to “take it back” or just preserve enclaves and stay separate.

transgenderism: the normalization of insanity.

the Unabomber manifesto: the Pope’s encyclical about climate change and other self-destructive human activities.

the wrong time: it’s ” always the wrong time ” for a conversation about race, etc

Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, dog-whistles, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, May 19-24

drama feminists: any feminists who speak out in public.

hiding behind her own skirts: what Hillary is accused of whenever she invokes women’s’ rights. Aka, “playing the gender card.”

incentive to be moral: what the takers ( aka the Dem base) seem to lack, and thus need from Republicans because the takers lack a moral sense. Part of the rhetoric of sub-humanizing Blacks.  Thus, the Tea Partiers are always calling for incentives and vouchers, as if the poor, the minorities, the “low information voter” and other core components of the Dem base need bribes to exercise a moral sense, act “responsibly,” be “self-reliant,” and show initiative. Otherwise, Blacks are implicitly, and sometimes explicitly, perceived as lacking character, reason, values, and culture.

innocence: total Dem naivete when it comes to foreign policy. Assuming the worst about politics in the Middle East and Russia, this meme makes any attempt at multilateral negotiation or political compromise seem foolhardy and dangerous. Bring back gun boat diplomacy! Dems simply can’t win in this characterization war because they lack backbone and an appreciation of reality (aka, “the facts on the ground”). Reduces Dems to being children.

menagerie: Hillary’s staffers; aka, henchmen.

moral superiority:  what Dems are accused of when they aren’t being accused of “innocence” or of lacking morals altogether (see above). “Superiority” here refers to the Dems’ arrogance of believing that they are right on key political issues, and having no notion of thir own possible moral shortcomings. The only alternative to this smug righteousness is to acknowledge that the Tea Party moral positions are superior. Reduces Dems to being moralistic prigs.

normal: the new deviancy. One of those “the world has been turned upside down” memes. Micro aggressions abound, parents are forced to supply their kids with condoms, popular culture is degenerate and traditional religion is mocked.

riot: any demonstration or public gathering by people of color where police lose control; when whites do it, it’s called a “shootout” or “disturbance.” Riots are always caused by “thugs,” “disturbances by “troubled youth” or “gang members.” Black people are inherently criminal, so it’s never a surprise when they act criminally.

surprisingly close: what either party says about lost elections if they even get within hailing distance.

tut-tutting: what Hillary is said to do in her peevish way every time she answers a question. She has been framed as the Queen Bitch, so she reveals her scorn every time she opens her mouth.