Glossary: Key memes, dogwhistles, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, June 17-23, 2015

All men are created equal: the Tea Party wants this to mean that everyone has a shot at the American Dream (see below), so the rich should have lower tax rates to allow income to magically “trickle down.” The phrase’s original intent, however, had more to do with equal political opportunity, which of course is not widely distributed in America due to racial and class divisions.

The  American Dream: Tea Party/GOP  myth of upward mobility, probably the biggest lie ever. Ever-ready rationale for Social Darwinism.

grifters: anyone working for the Clinton Foundation or on Hillary’s campaign staff. Aka, “political operatives” or “grandees.”

hangers-on: anyone attending the Charleston funerals or voicing support for calls of racial justice or gun control. Aka, opportunists, easy riders, exploiters, the mob, interlopers, and the Deadheads of racial grievance.

overclass: Obama administration officials or any Dem political strategists, all of whom consider themselves vastly superior to Tea Partiers.  Aka, “grandees.”

playing politics: any time Obama comments on public policy, especially when it comes to guns, race, climate change, or financial reform.

quasi-Marxism: the hidden agenda of all Dem policies. As explicated in the National Review, this Dem pathology/arrogance/naivete assumes that:

human nature is infinitely malleable, that power dynamics can explain all undesirable human interactions, and that re-education can serve not only to change society for the better but to wipe out all instances of immorality or law-breaking

This cartoon version of liberalism reduces it to a naive belief in the perfectibility of human nature, a belief that ultimately is “suicidal.” This Tea Party “law of nature” philosophy, based on conflict and hierarchy, views all rational attempts to reconstruct or reform society as doomed. Thus the very notion of Progressivism is delusional.
racism: A “leftist construct.” This is an insidiious conflating of the idea of race as a social construct–a word-made world–into charges of racism as leftist propaganda, rendering any moral claims as nothing more self-serving fictionalizing.
redistribution: another of those master-tropes (such as The American Dream (see above) that has become the oppose

stigmatization of normalcy: the subversive Dem master-strategy. The Tea Party narrative here is that “normal” American values are being marginalized by the liberal media and an incessant Dem campaign to make “normal” seem racist, sexist, or selfish. This entire meme harkens back to the hippies vs. squares culture wars of the Sixties.

taking over our country: migrants, underclass “grifters,” the “entitled,”and the politically correct. Having “lost” the country, the question is whether to try to “take it back” or just preserve enclaves and stay separate.

transgenderism: the normalization of insanity.

the Unabomber manifesto: the Pope’s encyclical about climate change and other self-destructive human activities.

the wrong time: it’s ” always the wrong time ” for a conversation about race, etc

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