Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov. 5-12, 2015

Dems’ game: whenever the media criticizes Tea Party candidates, especially Ben Carson.  Any criticism is in reality vilification or “witch hunting.” (See below). It’s all game theory to the Tea Party: a zero-sum Darwinian struggle for rhetorical ascendancy.

destroy: what the Left-wing media is trying to do whenever they ask Ben Carson a question. This “out to destroy” meme is part of the larger Tea Party victimization narrative.

Hegelian-Marxist synthesis: Obama’s middle-of-the-roadism and moral relativism. The devil in disguise.

hysteria: any Dem race talk. It’s all “pathological narcissism and delusional victimology.”

the marketplace of free ideas: people’s right to free expression also give them a right to anonymity. Tea Partiers stand firmly behind the First Amendment except in the case of making campaign contributions. public. In other words, they lack the firmness of their convictions, and are don’t believe in “free markets” insofar as they are willing to disclose their investments in that market.

parental authority: what the Dems are trying to undermine and replace with government authority. The lack of parental authority is also creating the racial divide and a whole generation of “non-functional” Americans.

rap artist: an oxymoron, in the same way as “Great Society.”

small government: cutting all social spending. Does not apply to military spending.

special scrutiny: any mainstream media questioning of Tea Party candidates. Then they have the audacity to claim that Obama never received such scrutiny, forgetting about the endless firestorms over his birthplace, Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, etc.

Uncle Sam: Uncle Sugar, especially to the non-functional citizens who voted for Obama.

welfare state: worse for blacks than slavery or Jim Crow

Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Sept 21-Oct 1, 2015

conscience rights: any moral position a Tea Partier holds that gives them an exemption from following the law.

crackpot attitudes: Pope Francis’s positions that the Tea Party disagrees with. (See also “leave it to the scientists,” below).

free stuff: any form of government safety-net assistance. While both Romney and Bush have used this Gradgrindian dog-whistle term, neither specifies whether it refers to food, clothing, rent, heat or health care, making it sound less draconian, as if all they are denying the poor are free samples. The rhetorical effect is to imply that the poor are “unfit for democracy.” (see below)

hack ramble: any Hillary speech.

inefficient: Anyone getting government aid (aka,”free stuff). Efficiency is the cardinal operating principle of an unfettered free market.

infanticide: any abortion

leave it to the scientists: the Grand Old Tea Party’s refrain to any of Pope Francis’s homilies about climate change. Of course, as soon as the Pope left the US, they reverted to their habitual mode of constant attack of all and any climate change advocate who cites “the science.”

moralizing: whenever the Pope takes a moral position that the Grand Old Tea Party opposes.  When they support his position, as in the case of abortion and birth control, they call him a moral touchstone, not a “moralizer” issuing “broadsides.”. Aka, “politicizing”. (see “crackpot attitudes,” above)

nice talk: any Obama admin attempt at foreign policy accommodation, negotiation, or moderation. Aka, “singing Kumbaya”.

politicization: what the Pope does when he talks about climate change. (See “Leaving it up to the scientists,” above). Somehow, though, when Republicans talk about Planned Parenthood, Benghazi, or gun control, they do not see themselves as “politicizing” such issues.

small government: the end of the regulatory and welfare state.

social justice: the root of all corruption, inequality, and poverty. The less of an emphasis there is on social justice, redistributionism, and a “cooperative” rather than a competitive economy, the greater the prosperity. Government is, after all, the most impovershing force of all.

unfit for democracy: anyone who voted for Obama. More specifically, refers to anyone getting “free stuff”–see above.

voting: the ultimate consumer approach to governing, Note that this concept does not include any moral obligation whatsoever. In this sense it is the opposite of citizenship, which entails deciding on who gets what, how tax money gets spent, social and foreign policy, etc. To just be courted as a voter without any sense of civic responsibility is akin to having your religiosity reduced to how much you tithe.