Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, dog-whistles, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, May 19-24

drama feminists: any feminists who speak out in public.

hiding behind her own skirts: what Hillary is accused of whenever she invokes women’s’ rights. Aka, “playing the gender card.”

incentive to be moral: what the takers ( aka the Dem base) seem to lack, and thus need from Republicans because the takers lack a moral sense. Part of the rhetoric of sub-humanizing Blacks.  Thus, the Tea Partiers are always calling for incentives and vouchers, as if the poor, the minorities, the “low information voter” and other core components of the Dem base need bribes to exercise a moral sense, act “responsibly,” be “self-reliant,” and show initiative. Otherwise, Blacks are implicitly, and sometimes explicitly, perceived as lacking character, reason, values, and culture.

innocence: total Dem naivete when it comes to foreign policy. Assuming the worst about politics in the Middle East and Russia, this meme makes any attempt at multilateral negotiation or political compromise seem foolhardy and dangerous. Bring back gun boat diplomacy! Dems simply can’t win in this characterization war because they lack backbone and an appreciation of reality (aka, “the facts on the ground”). Reduces Dems to being children.

menagerie: Hillary’s staffers; aka, henchmen.

moral superiority:  what Dems are accused of when they aren’t being accused of “innocence” or of lacking morals altogether (see above). “Superiority” here refers to the Dems’ arrogance of believing that they are right on key political issues, and having no notion of thir own possible moral shortcomings. The only alternative to this smug righteousness is to acknowledge that the Tea Party moral positions are superior. Reduces Dems to being moralistic prigs.

normal: the new deviancy. One of those “the world has been turned upside down” memes. Micro aggressions abound, parents are forced to supply their kids with condoms, popular culture is degenerate and traditional religion is mocked.

riot: any demonstration or public gathering by people of color where police lose control; when whites do it, it’s called a “shootout” or “disturbance.” Riots are always caused by “thugs,” “disturbances by “troubled youth” or “gang members.” Black people are inherently criminal, so it’s never a surprise when they act criminally.

surprisingly close: what either party says about lost elections if they even get within hailing distance.

tut-tutting: what Hillary is said to do in her peevish way every time she answers a question. She has been framed as the Queen Bitch, so she reveals her scorn every time she opens her mouth.

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