Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov. 21-27, 2015

campus Huns: leftist college students and faculty stifling free speech.

cheap shots: any uncomfortable or inconvenient questions that reporters ask Tea Partiers. (see “sneaky”,. below). These kinds of attacks are also always rooted in political correctness, an Orwellian adherence to the Dem party line.

college: where incompetents indoctrinate sheep-like students in radical nonsense.

counterfeit identities: any lib flavor-of-the-month (see “libsplaining’, below). The only true identities are nation, family, and God. Everything else is unmoored or faked.

fantasy strawman: any attack on GOP positions. (see “cheap shots,” above, and “invective and derision,” below). Obama oversimplifies or exaggerates GOP shortcomings in order to attack them. Any criticism of the GOP is thus a “fantasy,” something that is by definition false and concocted.

foundational values: decency, tolerance, supporters of full rights for women, free speech and practice of religion, etc. Aka, everything Islam opposes.

human rights: in a time of war (such as the one we are now in), a luxury, rich liberal’s play thing–along with freedom of speech and assembly, racial justice, bans against torture, etc.

invective and derision: Obama’s governing rhetorical style

libsplaining: the Orwellian sludge of sanctimonious liberal gibberish and euphemisms, e.g., “safe spaces,” “a legacy of slavery,” “white privilege,” “leading from behind,” “universal human rights,” “disparate impact,” “cisgender,” “workplace violence,” etc. Aka, left-wing trollery, tendentious, question-begging twaddle. Liberalism itself is a progressive propaganda machine whole sole aim is to silence its enemies.

Obama: the hapless and bumbling nutty professor.

sneaky: any reporter who asks Tea Partiers an uncomfortable or inconvenient  question (see “cheap shots”, above)

social justice warriors: grim, angry and arrogant.


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