Parallel Republican Universes: Hyperbolic and Counter-Intuitive Claims, Myths & Canards 2/15/13—2/26/13


The minimum wage has nothing to do with poverty and employment. WSJ editorial, 2/15/13
Higher wages actually punish minority youth by making jobs scarcer WSJ editorial, 2/15/13
Obama is to blame for any economic downturn because if he doesn’t get everything he wants, he’s willing to inflict maximum pain on everyone else WSJ editorial, 2/19/13
The sequester is pro-growth because any spending relief means more money for the private sector. Larry Kudlow, National Review Online, 2/20/13
Anti-poverty programs cause poverty– the so-called ”culture of dependency”. WSJ editorial, 2/20/13
Any civil rights or voting rights initiative is based on a sense of “African-American victimology”. Charlotte Allen, The Weekly Standard Online, 2/25/13
Obama’s ultimate aims are “free education, free public health, myriad free government services, the evisceration of the private sector…Obama doesn’t want to create wealth, he wants to redistribute it to the urban poor, The Government Party’s client base”. Devin Nunes, National Review Online,   2/15/13
Obama  is using the same tactics that Lenin used to destroy the private sector WSJ editorial, 2/15/`13
ObamaCare is making couples get divorced to keep their insurance WSJ editorial, 2/23/13
 “our trajectory toward national insolvency and a nanny state” continues William Kristol, on the Weekly Standard Online, 2/23/13
“For Democrats, tax reform is about filling ‘loopholes’ to make government larger. For Republicans, tax reform is about eliminating biases to make the private economy larger.” John Hood, National Review Online, 2/17/13


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