Glossary, Feb. 26-March 2, 2013

an anatomy of key memes, phrases and obsessions in Wall Street Journal editorials and other precincts of the GOP blogosphere, Feb. 26-March 3, 2013

balanced cuts spending cuts replacing any tax hike
campaign mode whenever Obama leaves Washington to make a speech; what Peggy Noonan calls his “soft-voiced pugilism”
flexibility, moving money between accounts allowing the GOP to brandish their own line-item veto on the entire federal budget
government workers Krauthammer: “nepotistic incompetents”
mainstream media “house-broken” by Obama
Medicare premium support means-testing.
muscle and fat ; (aka, “non-essential fluff”) any federal programs for: job-training, nutrition assistance, teacher quality, financial literacy, homelessness alleviation or teen pregnancy
private world (aka, “imperious overreach”) continuing meme of Obama’s weirdness, aloofness,  haughtiness, superiority complex
squander what happens when Democrats spend money on anything; 85% of gvt. spending is “sinfully wasteful and corrupt”
Voting Rights Act, Section V a politicized weapon. Scalia: “a perpetuation of racial entitlement”. Any reference to race is now called “racialism”.

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