Parallel GOP Universes: Hyperbolic and Counter-Intuitive GOP Claims, Myths and Canards, April 30-May 6, 2013

Mr. Summers says governments should borrow more now at near-zero interest rates to invest in future growth. But this is what we were told in 2009-2010, when Mr. Summers was in the White House, and the $830 billion stimulus was used to finance not primarily roads or bridges but more unionized teachers, higher transfer payments, and green-energy projects that have since failed. Why will it be different this time? It will only be different this time if the GOP stops blocking Obama’s call for more stimulus spending for roads and bridges.     “Debt and Growth”, WSJ
Clearly, we need faith as a component, and its just silly to say otherwise. You know the Age of Enlightenment and Reason gave way to moral relativism. And moral relativism is what led us all the way down the dark path to the Holocaust…Dark periods of history is what we arrive at when we leave God out of the equation Penny Nance, CEO, Concerned Women For America.Bet you didn’t know that the Enlightenment led right to the Holocaust.
The legislation, being worked up by Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX), represents the latest-and bluntest-attack on NSF by congressional Republicans seeking to halt what they believe is frivolous and wasteful research being funded in the social sciences. Last month Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) successfully attached language to a 2013 spending bill that prohibits NSF from funding any political science research for the rest of the fiscal year unless its director certifies that it pertains to economic development or national security. Smith’s draft bill, called the “High Quality Research Act,” would apply similar language to NSF’s entire research portfolio across all the disciplines it supports. “US Lawmaker Proposes New Criteria for Choosing NSF Grants,” Science.The end of the Enlightnment.
On Fox News last night Senator Lindsey Graham drew parallels between the Obama administration’s response to the Boston Marathon bombing and the 9/11 attacks in Benghazi, saying it “sounds like Susan Rice all over again.” “Right after Benghazi [they said] there’s no evidence of an al-Qaeda connection here,” Graham told Sean Hannity. Graham says the administration downplayed the idea of a “broader plot” in the Boston bombing and portrayed it as an isolated, “spontaneous” event. “The more you know about these two guys, they certainly didn’t learn all this in the bottom of their basement,” he added. “This administration doesn’t want to admit . . . bin Laden’s dead, but radical Islam’s on the rise.” Graham warned. “We need to up our game.”   “Graham Sees Similarities Between Boston and Benghazi,” National Review.

They see parallels between EVERYTHING and Benghazi. Call it BDS—Benghazi Derangement Syndrome.

This all fits what the TrueSpeak Institute’s Jim Guirard calls Obama’s “harm offensive.” The one-time chief of staff to Louisiana’s late Democratic senator Russell Long says, “Obama’s strategy, tactics, and constant modus operandi seem to be ‘First, do all possible harm’ to the public in managing the mandated spending limitations, and then blame the damage, the suffering, and — in the case of airline safety — the deadly danger on the Republicans.”… Obama is doing something diabolical: harming and endangering Americans so they will scream for more spending. Targeting the people this way confirms that Obama’s reign has little to do with good intentions and lots to do with swelling Washington’s budget and deepening its penetration in our lives. “Sequester Cynicism,” National Review. Another impeachable offense that the American public are inexplicably overlooking.
As homosexuals come out of the closet, Christians go into it. “Authenticity” is highly prized in society today, provided that what one feels falls safely within the dictates of political correctness. Sports analyst Chris Broussard stepped briefly outside of the Christian closet on Monday and paid the price for it. “Personally I don’t believe that you can live an openly homosexual lifestyle or an openly premarital sex [lifestyle] between heterosexuals. If you’re openly living that type of lifestyle, the Bible says you know them by their fruits, it says that’s a sin,” Broussard said on ESPN. “If you’re openly living in unrepentant sin, whatever it may be, not just homosexuality, adultery, fornication, premarital sex between heterosexuals, whatever it may be. I think that’s walking in open rebellion to God and to Jesus Christ.”   “A Sportscaster Comes Out As A Christian,” The American Spectator. That’s right– middle-aged white, American male Christians are among the most oppressed.

Parallel Republican Universes: Hyperbolic and Counter-Intuitive Claims, Myths & Canards 2/15/13—2/26/13


The minimum wage has nothing to do with poverty and employment. WSJ editorial, 2/15/13
Higher wages actually punish minority youth by making jobs scarcer WSJ editorial, 2/15/13
Obama is to blame for any economic downturn because if he doesn’t get everything he wants, he’s willing to inflict maximum pain on everyone else WSJ editorial, 2/19/13
The sequester is pro-growth because any spending relief means more money for the private sector. Larry Kudlow, National Review Online, 2/20/13
Anti-poverty programs cause poverty– the so-called ”culture of dependency”. WSJ editorial, 2/20/13
Any civil rights or voting rights initiative is based on a sense of “African-American victimology”. Charlotte Allen, The Weekly Standard Online, 2/25/13
Obama’s ultimate aims are “free education, free public health, myriad free government services, the evisceration of the private sector…Obama doesn’t want to create wealth, he wants to redistribute it to the urban poor, The Government Party’s client base”. Devin Nunes, National Review Online,   2/15/13
Obama  is using the same tactics that Lenin used to destroy the private sector WSJ editorial, 2/15/`13
ObamaCare is making couples get divorced to keep their insurance WSJ editorial, 2/23/13
 “our trajectory toward national insolvency and a nanny state” continues William Kristol, on the Weekly Standard Online, 2/23/13
“For Democrats, tax reform is about filling ‘loopholes’ to make government larger. For Republicans, tax reform is about eliminating biases to make the private economy larger.” John Hood, National Review Online, 2/17/13


Glossary, Feb 15-Feb 25, 2013

an anatomy of key memes, phrases and obsessions in Wall Street Journal editorials and other precincts of the GOP blogosphere, Feb. 15-25, 2013

an anatomy of key memes, phrases and obsessions in Wall Street Journal editorials and other precincts of the GOP blogosphere, Feb. 15-25, 2013

bloated  any federal social assistance/safety net program.  See also, “the culture of dependency”.
bosses and henchmen  anyone in the Labor movement.
creating winners and losers The inevitable result of any federal regulation or subsidies, always artificially “created” rather than evolving “naturally”.  Bad when it comes to government policy interfering with the free market.  Unequal outcomes are OK, however, when no “redistributionist” agenda binds the “invisible hand” of the free market. The opposite of “the efficiency agenda”
culture of dependency  any federal social assistance/safety net program. Part of an even wider “systemic dysfunction”.  People are always “trapped” in this culture of dependency. aka, the public sphere.
energy policy  “forced economic contraction”
flippers  Republican governors who have accepted ObamaCare Medicaid subsidies, “flipping” from their previous staunch anti-ObamaCare stance.
Greece  shorthand for the inevitable outcome of “the Obama Project”. Aka, “the nanny state”
Medicaid  “a fraud-ridden, debt-fueled entitlement of questionable effectiveness”.  No hint that it in any way serves as a social safety net.
the Obama project  (see also, “Greece”) The Journal’s Daniel Henninger’s label for all Obama administration policies and initiatives. Part of the meme of Obama’s “grandiose” and “delusional” expectations
red-tape strangulation  any government regulation. Aka, “the brute force of government”
sequester  “a pro-growth” measure  for the private sector as both spending and taxes decline and more money is available to the free market. The only way to “open the doors to a stronger economy”.


Inside the GOP Parallel Universe II: False Memes and Canards

As the GOP struggles to re-litigate the 2012 Presidential election and undercut any significant Democratic policy advances, they increasingly are retreating into parallel universes that have no foothold, really, in evidence-based reality. 

change the “messaging”, not the policy As Red State so revealingly puts it,

We, as the low-tax & personal responsibility party cannot waltz into a low income housing area, look around, shake our heads and say “Hey, when are you guys going to stop being idiots and voting for people that think you’re stupid — also, you don’t pay enough taxes.”



Whether or not we view that as what happened, the people we’re talking to certainly did.



In the same vein, we cannot waltz into a border town and say “Hey, you know your high school football star? Yeah, his parents came here illegally 17 years ago when he was one. Sucks to be him but dammit, THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!! Deportin’ time!” There just might be a better way to engage that conversation.

Now before my twitter timeline fills up with people screaming “AMNESTY!!” take a breath and grab a glass of regulated water. No one, certainly not me, is asking for anyone to change their principles, beliefs, or policy positions. But maybe we should consider offering our principles, beliefs, and policy positions, in a way that doesn’t make people want to set us on fire.



As the headline says, “It’s the messaging, stupid. It’s the stupid messaging.”

 Arcane and perverse ObamaCare incentives are solely intended to “gather ever more health care spending under federal control”.

A new decade of war is beginningAmerica not only can’t lead from behind, but can’t even follow from behind (pace, Benghazi, Iran, Syria, North Korea). All as Obama “guts” defense.

Limits to growth mean limits to hope. Don’t tax work and investment. Mona Charen  envisages a coming Doomsday: “A shrinking private sector drowning in regulations, a voracious public sector always in search of new ways to waste money…and the inexorable ticking, louder every day, of the debt bomb.

The anti anti-terror Left. The Left is not only against wars and foreign entanglements, but acyually opposed to any defense against terrorism.

Increased minimum wages will make the country uncompetitive, just as new taxes will “corrode work and investment incentives”. Wage increases are also a boon to the Chinese manufacturing sector still dependent on cheap labor”.  Such “artificial wage increases” cost jobs and cut the bottom rung off the economic ladder. In other words, the Republicans oppose paying America’s poorest workers more per hour because doing so will hurt their economic prospects, but it’s OK to give the rich more money through tax cuts.

Obama has a “campaign” to “prevent entitlement reform”.

The federal  government forced investors to rely on Moody’s & S&P and Fitch, and the government should sue the SEC for rigged credit ratings, not S&P.

Enforced equality rather than personal liberty is the new national creed

Energy regulation is forced economic contraction, especially new emissions controls, which “make overseas industries relatively competitive”, and “threaten US-made cars and US-produced oil”.

Online education is the future of higher education,  behind the disingenuous calls for “increased access to higher education,” online education is tied to workforce readiness and a new business model for colleges and universities .

The sequester is the GOP’s main negotiating leverage. “The sequester will help the economy by leaving more capital for private investment”. Huh?

States will lose budget autonomy to the “carrots and sticks of ever-larger government”

Barack Obama now only wants to tell us what Uncle Sam will do for us so that we need do nothing for ourselves. If he is successful we will each be too dependent on the federal government to set our own course in life.