Demonized and Lionized, Feb. 16-25, 2013

Demonized                 Thought Crime

Eric Holder Politicizing justice via enforcement of voting rights,  civil rights,  gay rights, and financial reform laws
Jan Schakowski (D-IL) calling welfare cuts “literally taking  food out of the mouths of hungry babies”
Chuck Todd Criticizing the “who started it” discourse around the sequestration
Saul Alinsky Community organizing
Jane Mayer “McCarthyist attack on Ted Cruz”
Rand Paul Defending cuts in defense spending
Ray LaHood talking about sequestration’s effects on air travel
Rick Scott, Bob McDonnell, John Kasich, Susan Martinez “flipping” on accepting federal Medicaid subsidies

Lionized                                                       Defense of the Indefensible

Calvin Coolidge Cutting taxes; spending cuts; stimulating the economy
Andrew Mellon See Coolidge, above
Jeff Sessions Welfare cuts as the best thing for the disadvantaged
Marco Rubio Calling sequestration defense cuts “devastating” and accusing Obama of weakening national defense
Grover Norquist Championing elimination of state income taxes
Ted Cruz claiming that Obama’s faculty friends at Harvard during his student days were communists dedicated to overthrowing the US government

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