Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, innuendos, and metanarratives in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Aug 19-28, 2014

boundless opportunities: the infinite promise of America, which minorities (“takers”) fail to realize because their culture of dependency is “transmitted” (see below) like a virus.

earned success: the Protestant Ethic is alive and well. Worldly success must be “deserved” and “earned”, not bestowed by charity or statist governments.

fanning the flames: what anyone does who still talks about race (see “real racists,” and “insulting whites,” below).

higher education accountability: how quickly and thoroughly a college major “pays for itself.”  If anthropology can’t be shown to have any “cash value,” then who needs it? 

insulting whites:   what anyone does who still talks about race (see “real racists,” below).

making race irrelevant: theoretically the outcome of the free market, in which all boats rise on a surging tide. Actually, what the GOP devoutly wishes for, thus avoiding having to pretend to care about minorities.

mindless martinets: aka, “radical utopian statists”.

nihilism:  the underlying basis and ultimate outcome of Obamaian “idealism”, which is  really a form of totalitarianism.

nobility: a master-trope of right-wing rhetoric, summarizing everything Obama is said to be lacking: dignity, courage, honesty, steadfastness, patriotism.

opportunist: anyone who still talks about race or accepts any government “handout”.

race-traitors: any white people defending Michael Brown or criticizing the Ferguson police.

real racist: anyone who still talks about race.

shakedown: any fine on big banks, real estate mortgagers or brokerages.

transmitted: how the “culture of dependency” spreads. Equates social assistance and safety net  programs with a disease.

voter turnout: a Democratic “trick” or “stunt”.

worship of creation: what the “secular leftist” climate change believers do instead of praying to “the God of creation”.  The last refuge of atheistic, heathen haters of the free market.

Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, phrases and obsessions in Wall Street Journal editorials and other precincts of the GOP blogosphere, Oct 25-29, 2013

horror stories: any accounts of what is purportedly happening to people opposed to the ACA; almost always based on partial information, distortions of facts, lack of context, or outright lies.

mugging: what the government is doing to J.P. Morgan and the Bank of America, even though both banks continue to cover up bad subprime loans (or not carry them on their books), stonewall home owners wanting to re-finance, and claim that there was no systematic investment fraud during the financial/housing meltdown. Mugging is actually what any government regulation does to the “true market”. Also variously called a “shakedown”, “confiscation” or “ex post facto punishment”. Part of ther mythologizing cover story that “bad government policy: and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac caused the financial meltdown.

political masters:  the puppeteers behind the vast Democratic redistributionist conspiracy. Obamacare is only the latest redistributionist scheme to expand government until it rules every aspect of Americans’ lives.

skyrocketing: as ubiquitious as “train wreck,”; use to describe ANY ACA premiums.

socializing: a near-cousin of “mugging”: what the government did when it bailed out the major banks at the height of the financial meltdown. In both instances, government action gets in the way of an unfettered “true market”.

sticker shock: whatever the premiums cost under the ACA–always more than people paid before, even for inferior coverage, “previous conditions” weeding out, lifetime caps, etc. Always comparing apples and oranges.

true market: an Eden-that-never-was, that Republicans continually nonetheless harken a return to. You know, the place where there is a price that satisfies everyone, where the market always clears in rational ways, where information is perfect and complete, and where there is no lobbying, price-rigging, weeding out expensive customers, monopolies,  or unnecessary procedures. In other words, in the current context of health care coverage in the US, pretty much the opposite of the status quo. Aka, “market forces”. The famous “invisible hand,” which is actually amazingly visible in terms of lobbying, political advertising, spin doctoring, and political advocacy.