Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, innuendos, and metanarratives in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Aug 19-28, 2014

boundless opportunities: the infinite promise of America, which minorities (“takers”) fail to realize because their culture of dependency is “transmitted” (see below) like a virus.

earned success: the Protestant Ethic is alive and well. Worldly success must be “deserved” and “earned”, not bestowed by charity or statist governments.

fanning the flames: what anyone does who still talks about race (see “real racists,” and “insulting whites,” below).

higher education accountability: how quickly and thoroughly a college major “pays for itself.”  If anthropology can’t be shown to have any “cash value,” then who needs it? 

insulting whites:   what anyone does who still talks about race (see “real racists,” below).

making race irrelevant: theoretically the outcome of the free market, in which all boats rise on a surging tide. Actually, what the GOP devoutly wishes for, thus avoiding having to pretend to care about minorities.

mindless martinets: aka, “radical utopian statists”.

nihilism:  the underlying basis and ultimate outcome of Obamaian “idealism”, which is  really a form of totalitarianism.

nobility: a master-trope of right-wing rhetoric, summarizing everything Obama is said to be lacking: dignity, courage, honesty, steadfastness, patriotism.

opportunist: anyone who still talks about race or accepts any government “handout”.

race-traitors: any white people defending Michael Brown or criticizing the Ferguson police.

real racist: anyone who still talks about race.

shakedown: any fine on big banks, real estate mortgagers or brokerages.

transmitted: how the “culture of dependency” spreads. Equates social assistance and safety net  programs with a disease.

voter turnout: a Democratic “trick” or “stunt”.

worship of creation: what the “secular leftist” climate change believers do instead of praying to “the God of creation”.  The last refuge of atheistic, heathen haters of the free market.

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