Lies, Distortions and Doublethink, Wall Street Journal, Jan. 12-13,2017

The only defense against the dishonest media fake news and libel is litigation. In other words, the only way to guarantee a free press is to suppress and criminalize it.

Progressives, unable to govern or win elections, have created the current climate of political distrust and fake news by using the IRS to punish political opponents, phony prosecutions to punish and smear critics, send in political shock troops to threaten corporations, and engage in all forms of character assassination. The Dems are the true dumpster divers for dossiers.

The Dem opposition research “dossier” was “foisted” into the hands of the intelligence community.

The Obama Justice Department’s primary aim was to threaten political opponents and turn a blind eye to liberal abuse.

The Senate should conform Rex Tillerson because he can temper Donald trump’s frenzies.

The Russians did us a favor by hacking our election because they revealed the depths of Dem perfidy.

The real connection with Russia is to Obama, not Trump. It was Obama who stood aside as Russia annexed Crimea and invaded Ukraine, and established a foothold in the Middle East.


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