Lies, Distortions and Doublethink in The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 10-11, 2017

Obama’s emphasis on income equality killed economic growth during his presidency and only produced more inequality. In other words, fighting inequality only leads to more inequality, in the same way that crying “racism” only leads to more racism.

Obama’s primary economic aim was to lure more people out of the workforce via increased entitlements, subsidies, and disincentives to work. Only an incentive-based economy can produce sustained economic growth.

Meryl Streep’s Trump thumping at the Golden Globes only amounted to the usual Dem sneers: the preening, the ritual invocation of victimhood, the belittling of working-class tastes, the idea that no right-thinking person might have a different view of this election. There is no truth to her claim that Trump mocked a NY Times reporter because Trump has often used the same hand gestures to criticize others. This absurd defense of course overlooks his tome of voice and his personal animus against the reporter who dared to criticize Trump.

Climate science has contributed very little to the understanding of climate change.

Obama’s Russian “reset” is the cause of Exxon’s Russian oil stake.

Right-to-work laws are pro-union because they lead to more jobs.

Trump’s cabinet has few women and minorities because it was picked on the basis of merit, not identity politics.

80% of police stops should be of young black males because they are eight times as likely to commit a crime than whites.

Democrats represent America’s elites, not Republicans.

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