5 Lies, Distortions, and Absurd Reversals in the Wall Street Journal, Nov. 30, 2016

  1. The mythos of the Wisconsin economic miracle, based on a set of lies, false assumptions, and partial truths. As ground zero for union-busting “reform”, especially public service unions, Wisconsin has shown that mandatory collective bargaining makes the government the unions’ automatic dues collector. In right-to-work states,  where collective bargaining has been all but eliminated, economies are thriving. Unions, especially public workers’ unions,  are the worst thing that ever happened to workers, state finances, and economic growth. Cutting back public unions also guarantees that state taxes won’t rise every year. There is a nexus of of public-union donations and government officials. Public sector unions’ main job is to cripple state economies, and, in the case of teachers’ unions, insure that public schools continue to fail.
  2. Donald Trump is slowly building credibility on national security as he appoints his senior team. After all, who has more credibility than Steve Bannon (a white nationalist), David Petraeus (criminal record for breaking national security laws), or Michael Flynn (certifiable wing-nut)?
  3. Teachers and professors are “unionized, ivory-towered and marinated in leftist ideologies. These “educators” “work to indoctrinate their charges against the virtues of freedom, the work ethic, and self-reliance.” (letter to the editor)
  4. Educational policies and standards should be entirely left to the states because in states where that happens schools are no longer failing and parents have true choice.
  5. Jeff Sessions “hasn’t evinced an iota of racism.”  Accusing him of racism is itself a “smear.” How long before even mentioning racism itself becomes a hate crime?



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