4 Lies, Distortions, and Absurd Reversals in the Wall Street Journal, Nov. 28 & 29, 2016

1. Borrowers need and want payday lenders, and the federal government should completely deregulate the industry,  and eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  (editorial: “Consumer Financial Protection Rewrite”). Consumer “protection” distorts the free market and only protects the vested interests of progressives. The best protection for consumers is no protection at all because the market always sorts things out.

2. Castro, to the Dems, is a  heroic liberator for the ages, whereas he was  actually a brutal dictator who killed millions. Dems consider Gitmo the ultimate symbol of moral barbarity, but what Castro was doing in the rest of Cuba was far worse. Thus the Tea Party justifies and relativizes the torture and mass violation of human rights going on at Gitmo.

3. We are going back to war in Iraq, and may very soon get a second opportunity to win via the surge. David Patraeus is the architect of the Iraqi surge. Yet, one wonders, how successful  or sustainable was the surge if we need to start all over again?

4. Trump’s privatization of infrastructure spending via tax credits is the only way to stop an infrastructure -spending boondoggle. All progressive infrastructure plans are redistributionist, and amount to industrial policy. The private sector can be counted on to get it done if Trump runs interference for them in terms of “streamlined permitting and approval.”

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