5 Lies, Distortions, and Absurd Reversals in the Wall Street Journal, Dec. 1, 2016

1.  Infrastructure spending in the Trump era will be unleashed if there is a new era of “regulatory clarity and predictability.” Relief from all regulations is the “clarity” the GOP has been seeking for the last forty years.

2. Trickle-down reborn: massive tax cuts for the top one percent are justified because high earners will create businesses and jobs, and thus “average” workers will see their incomes rise too. Never mind that these income gains never quite get to low- and middle-income Americans, or that the rich will get disproportionately massive tax cuts compared to the average.

3. Dodd-Frank turned banks into public utilities. To make this exaggerated claim  requires the belief that any regulation of the financial sector is destructive and robs banks of any choice or agency. Consumer protection is just another form of socialism.

4. “The Declaration of Independence states that our inalienable rights come from God. The failure of the people to honor this reality and to give power to the government instead has created our current problems.” (letter to the editor)

5. American health care is teetering because it relies too much on government coercion. A functioning marketplace can deliver high-quality care at lower cost.

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