Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Dec. 20-23, 2015

accomplices: Muslim families (thanks to Juan Cole)

criminal: Muslims or Hillary Clinton (thanks to Juan Cole)

crisis: what’s at stake in this election: the Dem’s master plan to fundamentally transform America into a socialist, politically correct, anti-capitalist, pacifist country.

draconian: any EPA regulation.

humanitarianism: carpet-bombing ISIS, even if it means massive civilian casualities. In total war, there is no such thing as “unacceptable” casualty numbers for the enemy, and everyone in Iraq or Syria is either actively fighting for ISIS or aiding and abetting them. This is classically perverse and counter-intuitive reverse GOP rhetoric: characterize something as its opposite. So, for example, the answer to any mass shooting is more guns and bullets, and the answer to ending the humanitarian crisis in Syria is to kill more civilians.

immigration: a very bad thing that happens at borders without walls)(thanks to Juan Cole)

Islamophobia: a grievance industry, con-job phobia of the Left, conceived by the Muslim Brotherhood.

journalist: a lying object of hatred, a Hillary pawn.

lavish: any subsidy or welfare program for the poor. Actually, the term “lavish government spending” is redundant.

lie: any criticism of Tea Party candidates.

Mexican: a person sent by his government to commit crimes in the US. (thanks to Juan Cole)

Muslim: a suspect, best if quarantined while under investigation. (thanks to Juan Cole)

Obama’s speeches: signals to the Muslim world to speed up the jihad against America.

politically correct crap: anything that comes out of Hillary’s mouth.

refugee: terrorist.

stupid: any criticism of Tea Party candidates.

Syrians: Mexicans (thanks to Juan Cole)

Trotskyize: the demonization process that pc college students use to curtail free expression.

unbelief and irreligion: the orthodoxy of the Left.

US sovereignty: what Obama wants to sacrifice to the worldwide enemies of American-style constitutional republicanism and individual liberty.

unfair: any critical questioning of Tea Party candidates or policies.

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