Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Dec. 24-28, 2015

cheap allegations: any Dem claims, criticisms of the Tea Party or marshaling of “facts.” Cheap as in “cheap shots”: sneaky, easy  sucker punches, with no honor.

chess vs. checkers: Putin the strategist vs. Obama the tactician.

Christmas shaming: part of the Dem War on Christmas. It’s even un-pc now to say “Merry Christmas.”

doomsayers: anyone critical of Tea Party policies, especially when it comes to the “climate change” hoax. (aka, “alarmists”).  When the Tea Party  offers their version of a declining and doomed America, about how America is “losing”, its international reputation ruined, and the economy  in shambles, they call themselves realists, but when the Dems talk about climate change , police shootings of unarmed citizens or inequality, they are accused of spreading a sense of doom and negativity in a kind of Primal Scream.  It’s OK for the Tea Party to say the sky is falling, but not for the Dems to say the sea is rising.

the entitlement crisis: the fact that there are any federal safety net and social welfare programs

the Federal Office of Diversity and Inclusion: coming soon to the reign of Clinton II.

Hispandering: any Hillary overture to Hispanic voters.

honest conversations about race: racist.  Campus “safe spaces” are only “safe” if “conversation” is one-sided and politically correct.

litany of demands: any liberal policies or positions. Calling it a litany likens it to an orthodox chant.

Obama’s legacy: chiseled out at the expense of America’s security.

scientific consensus: a myth, part of the “climate change” hoax. The ultimate arrow in the Tea Party war on science.

supine: the Supreme Court whenever it sides with the Dems.

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