Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Dec 15-19, 2015.

devastation: nuc em’ all!  As Trump put it, “the devastation is very important to me.

diversity: in liberal-speak: absolute conformity, ruthlessly enforced.

fear: Americans are living in fear–of big government, not of terrorism.

Muslims: aka, Muzzies and Mo-Slimes.

our freedom is under attack:  Remember, they hate us for our freedom. It is the natural order that America belongs to the Tea Partiers. In this case, “our” only refers to Tea Partiers because they and only they value freedom, and the rest of us either don’t notice or don’t care when it’s missing. The Tea Party’s rhetorical shift toward fear, eternal vigilance, and feeling  forevermore “under attack” is rooted in the the demonization of all foreigners. Moreover, any divergent group challenging Tea Party dogma on racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual grounds is also characterized as attacking “our” freedom.

race realists: telling it like it is: White Power, baby! Reality has a racist and ethnoreligious bias.

Racial Spoils System: the way the grievance industry uses “diversity” as a code word to justify patronage, corruption, bullying and conformity.

running roughshod over the Constitution: any Obama executive action. Obama (and Clinton as well) don’t bother with constitutional niceties, such as separation of powers.

sowing manufactured confusion: criticizing the Tea Party. In this trope,  the Dems’ criticism is always wrong-headed, calculating and malicious, aiming to confuse, not clarify. Voters know the truth, but Dems try to “confuse” them.

stammer and sputter: what Obama, Clinton and their apologists are forced to do to justify Dem policy failures.

target the bad guys: Ted Cruz’s simple solution so that we win and they lose.

they want to kill us all: The ultimate aim of all Muslims. (see “our freedom is under attack”, above). This hyperbolic fear-mongering not only is laughingly overblown and unimaginable, but also accomplishes Issis’s aim of creating terror.




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