Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Dec. 10-15, 2015

the Acela corridor: the heart of the East Coast political establishment. What Spiro Agnew called “the nattering nabobs of negativity.”

autocrats: anyone who supports laws and policies designed to counter a mythic “climate change”

Christianity: if Obama has his way, would become illegal in America. Definitely not pc.

Hollywood values: free sex, “women’s rights,”  adultery, homosexuality, drugs, atheism and no respect for American values. Basically, everything that’s undermined America since 1955.

human invention and entrepreneurial spirit:the only solution to many of our real and imagined problems: “climate change,” inequality, economic stagnation, confiscatory taxes, bloated government bureaucracies , and the stranglehold of government regulation. aka, the “animal spirits” of capitalism. On the other hand, the Paris climate accords will only make the poor poorer and impede technological advance.

immigrants: rapists, criminals, carriers of strange diseases, terrorist sleeper cells, illegal leeches.

Islamophobia phobia: the latest form of domestic terrorism as political correctness and fear of being accused  of racial profiling stops ordinary citizens from reporting suspicious Muslims.

legacy smoke: the rhetorical smog that follows from Obama’s grandiose savior complex (his policy dream) when it comes to “climate change”. As if he will be regarded as anything more than the worst President in US history.

the most magnificent industrial machine ever built: the US economy, which Obummer and company keep negotiating away in the name of “globalization.”

politically protected scoundrel: Hillary Clinton.

unchanging human nature: why Dem idealism, pacifism, equity-mongering, and anti-capitalism will never work. Reality has a Tea Party bias.

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