Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov. 28-Dec 8, 2015

being political on the backs of the victims: knee-jerk Dem response to any shootings. It’s not about the guns, but about Islamic terrorists. It’s always either “too early” or “inappropriate” or “irrelevant” to talk about guns as being in any way connected to mass shootings. It’s also never about the guns.

bogus statistics: any “studies” or statistics used by the  hysterical cottage industry of compassion and victimhood as fabrications (or reality substitutes), such as “rape culture,” “police brutality”, “institutional racism”, “hunger” “women’s inequality”, etc.

carbon priesthood: the global mandarins perpetuating the “climate change” hoax to feather their own nests.

complicity: not pointing out Muslims to police and security officials.

grievance grifters: those who use the “bogus statistics” described above.

Judeo Christian values:  everything Obama and the Dems oppose as they try to destroy the American family. Part of the proof that America has fallen away from God.

prayer : a verb, not just a noun, in the sense of being an action that can make a difference. When the snide, snotty and arrogant Dems say that “God won’t fix this” when it comes to mass shootings, they insult (prayer- shame) all Christians and display their atheistic ignorance of the power of prayer.Prayer is a form of vigilance, courage and resolve.

Progressivism: a fundamentalist religion worshiping autonomy, self-expression, and self-fulfillment, responsible for the rise of Trump and ISIS.

responsible: any media analyst who sides with the Tea Party or doesn’t acknowledge or analyze Dem claims. For example, “responsible analysts” do not any in any way link the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shootings to Carly Fiorina or other GOP candidates’ characterizations of PP. Any such analysis is premature finger-pointing or self-satisfied preening.

spittle: any critical Dem response to Trump or the Tea Party.

sterile, scolding homily: any Obama speech.

these  people: African Americans or Muslims. Fundamentally, they lack human dignity.

trial lawyer: Dem lawyers who represent clients bringing suits that run counter to Tea Party ideology. When the Tea Party  sues, their attorneys are simply called “lawyers.”

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