Political Aphorisms, June, 2015

borrow now to build infrastructure

nationalism is too narrow-minded

cooperation is more economically efficient than competition

community values should get the benefit of the doubt over narrow self-interests

only 2 % of GDP goes to the poor

don’t confuse sites of disparity with causes of disparity

shared expectations are rooted in trust

encourage collective efficacy

it’s no accident that Americans are inert, atomized, estranged and disconnected

inequality weakens aggregate demand

belief in market fundamentalism is naïve

all men are created equal, politically speaking

inequality is a political choice

The American Dream is a myth: always has been, always will be

being right doesn’t necessarily mean that you will prevail

economic segregation is the new Jim Crow

wealth now increases faster than capital

Sources: Robert Putnam, Our Kids; Joseph Stiglitz, The Great Divide.

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