Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, dog-whistles, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, June 11-16, 2015

agenda-driven:  any Dem policy or position. Since liberals are incapable of moral positions because everything is a cynical calculation, they are always working their agenda. So any Dem issues–police brutality, racism, voting rights, climate change, what have you–are “phony” and don’t even really exist.

destructive: any Dem policy. Down is up and every well-intentioned public policy actually leads to its opposite, as recently illustrated in the National Review:

The policies she listed are, in the main, destructive ones. There is little evidence that the federal government can improve children’s futures through universal preschool. A big increase in the minimum wage is likely to suppress job growth. Discrimination by employers is not the major cause of the pay gap between men and women, and thus policing that discrimination more will not do much to shrink the gap. Mandatory paid leave may worsen employment prospects for women. Further weakening immigration enforcement will inflame social tensions while cutting the wages of the working poor. Judging from the premium hikes insurers are requesting, maintaining Obamacare probably means watching its already unsatisfactory outcomes get worse
This is a prime example of the Tea Party Parallel Universe. Rove’s Rule: portray everything in a counter-intuitive way: Preschool wastes children’s time; higher minimum wages and paid leave actually hurt workers; the gender pay gap isn’t caused by discrimination against women; immigration and guv’ment health care are bad for everyone.

eligible voters: the clever way the Tea Party defends voter exclusion acts, claiming that they are defending he rights of legitimate voters. Apparently being a US citizen is not  legitimate claim to being able to vote.

evangelism: not so much the right to “testify” and even try to convert so much as the right to claim access to absolute truth–fundamentalism. Only acceptance of their absolutism can bring absolution; their access to authoritative truth justifies their authoritarianism.

guilt: the “self-flagellating” agenda (see above) of the AP US History test and curriculum. Any attempts to discuss gender, class, race, identity, social justice, colonialism or white privilege are thinly-veiled guilt trips. In a way, any critical look at American history is now driven by he liberal “agenda; any moral principles are dismissed as “attitudinizing.”

hit piece: any article, especially in the NY Times, critical of Tea Party candidates.

inferior military: even though our military budget is larger than the combined military budgets of the next countries, our military is somehow “inferior.”

intrusion: any Afro-American presence in spaces where they aren’t commonplace or welcome, as recently in Dallas.

mouthing off: complaining about the police in public. In fact, all political dissent from the Libs is considered “mouthing off.”

naturally-occurring ozone: used as an excuse to gut all emissions standards and regulations. This is of course a non-sequitur, since it refers to natural causes, whereas EPA regulations are aimed at human causes.

no saint: as in the cases of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, etc., victims of police brutality are themselves transformed into menacing perpetrators, “thugs,” etc. Anyone less than a saint seems to be fair game.

value vacuum: the moral rot at the heart of all minority and immigrant cultures in America.  This failure to assimilate “American” values has created a seething mass of nihilists, a pathology of separateness.

transnational progressivism: a smear that seems to mean identification with any form of multilateralism or humanitarianism beyond America. Such identification (mocked as a “quivering sensitivity”) is considered a betrayal of patriotism, even a kind of reason.

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