Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, dog-whistles, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, May 26-June 1, 2015

alleged: any claims of police violence. Other “alleged” (discredited) memes include climate change, racism, inequality, poverty and the pay gap for women.

body cameras: the ultimate panacea and non-sequitur whenever police violence is discussed. Ditto for “Broken Windows policing”. As Matt Taibi writes in Rolling Stone, “you can’t put body cameras on a system,” in this case the Baltimore criminal justice system. Nor can you expect body cameras to be a corrective to decades even more insidious and damaging institutional policies, as enumerated by Frank Rich:

from Robert Moses–style “urban renewal” to discriminatory mortgage practices, that perpetuated poverty, blighted neighborhoods and families, thwarted homeownership, and fostered a cornucopia of inequality, from financial to environmental….The notion that black leadership from the White House on down, however strong, can ipso facto clean up the mess that white people compounded over centuries and usher the country into some postracial nirvana is absurd. Those who profess to believe it are looking for an excuse to absolve themselves of responsibility and do nothing.

the Dark Ages: what would come to pass, according to The National Review, if any of the Bernie Williams/Elizabeth Warren communitarian, redistribution schemes came to pass. Any notion of regulatory oversight of the finance industry, minimum wage laws, enhanced workplace safety, consumer protection laws, etc. immediately get lumped together as naive, fascistic attempts (by the “would-be masters”) to destroy the economy, enslave the populace, and return the world economy to the Dark Ages. Only the unfettered free market an bring the light.

demonization: any criticism of the police.

flunky: anyone who works for Hillary.

minding our own business:  taking the fight to ISIS. By Tea Party reverse logic, America again becomes Fortress America, the World’s Policeman, so minding our own business means minding everyone else’s.

morality: in Dems, always “in the service of politics.” In Tea Party ideology, Dems either have no moral center whatsoever or have an squishy moral idealism that does not stand up to “the real world”.

Plantation politics: the end result of Dem social safety net, redistributionist social policy, in which blacks become total dependents,

real people: Tea Partiers and GOP voters. These real people (aka, “free human beings) have a grasp of reality and of the iron law of the market place that lesser lifeforms (Dems) lack. Idealism is axiomatically “unreal” in this rhetorical universe. They always think that they know “how the world actually works” because they are “objective,” whereas Dems are always subjective, self-centered, and self-aggrandizing.

stability: the utopia that never existed in Iraq. Constantly harkened to as the crowning achievement of the “Surge,” and used as the high-water mark of US presence in Iraq, a mark that Obama is always said to have “squandered,” this Potemkin Village was an unsustainable facade based on bribes, shifting allegiances and animosities, and wishful thinking. It was no more sustainable than any of our other Ozymandias-like Iraq projects.

transactional institution: the Democratic Party, which, in Tea Partier caricatures, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Clinton/Snopes Perpetual- Motion Money Machine.

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