Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, innuendos, and meta-narratives in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov 16-20, 2014

climate hysteria: any environmental control regulation.

confiscatory: any taxes the GOTP (Grand Old Tea Party) opposes.

dictator, authoritarian, statist: The GOTP declension, accusing Obama of being everything from a Stalinist to a believer in government.

failed Presidency: the GOTP’s central self-fulfilling prophecy.  Within a month of Obama’s inauguration, Mitch McConnell was already talking about blocking every White House initiative and making it his “number one goal” to doom Obama’s re-election.

feminist bullies: just as anyone who questions racial justice is accused of “playing the race card,” anyone who defends women’s rights is now accused of bullying. It’s somehow Ok to call all feminists “bullies” now, since calling them “bitches” became socially and politically toxic.

free phones: one of the GOTP’s enduring urban myths: that Obama is giving all the “takers” free cell phones.

inequality warrior: denigrating label for anyone talking about social justice, economic disparities, higher taxes for the wealthy, or minimum wage. In fact, how long will it before anyone even addressing these issues is accused of “playing the class card”?

job killer: any government worker.

lawyerly: what the GOTP has to concede when Obama does something legal that they disagree with. This word is always a concessionary one, since they are saying that, in a “technical” legal sense, Obama has the right to take certain actions.

micromanage: argument for getting the federal government out of the states’ rights to self-govern. Regulations that are deemed onerous are also said to be “micromanaging,” such as nearly every provision of Dodd-Frank. The opposite of “micromanaging” is NOT just plain managing, but not managing at all.

perspective, gaining some: coming around to the Grand Old Tea Party’s positions and policies.

politicization: any Dem policy opposed to GOTP dogma. When the Dems address an issue, they “politicize” it; when the GOTP does it, it’s called “getting things done”.

power grab: any act of Presidential power; see “shredding,” below.

shredding: what Obama is doing to the Constitution with his immigration amnesty. Any executive action from now on will become an act of “shredding” the Constitution, and any policy opposed to the GOTP will be a sign of “disrespect” for the Constitution.

slap in the face:  latest metaphor for GOTP umbrage, especially over immigration. Really, a synonym for any perceived affront from the Dems.

Venezuelan caudillo: what else do you call a Preisdent who slaps people in the face, shreds the constitution, and is in contempt of Congress? Likening him to Hugo Chavez is also a political master trope.

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