Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, innuendos, and meta-narratives in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov 9-15, 2014

bribe: any form of government subsidy or tax break. (That is, except for tax breaks or subsidies for the job creators).

the business community: in the Grand Old Tea Party’s Manichean anti-Obama morality play, business is the enemy.

cronyism in America: as defined by the Koch Brothers’ Freedom Partners, every government regulation, subsidy, bailout, loan, corporate tax break, tariff, and occupational licensing “scheme”.

envirogelicals: According to Erick Erickson, “The environmentalists who have replaced worship of Christ with worship of Christ’s creation. They are a large part of the donor base of the Democratic Party.”

the governing trap: what the Grand old Tea Party most wants to avoid between now and the 2016 elections: actually passing bills that have real consequences. Their challenge is to make it appear that Obama is the obstructionist, not them.

(Washington’s) liberal class: the sneering Grand Old Tea Party rhetorical hijacking of what used to be called populism. Part of the GOTP’s new fake populism, which claims they are actually on the side of women, minorities and free speech, and opposed to big business. Always remember that every message from Frank Luntz, Karl Rove, and the Koch Brothers is the exact opposite of what it says it is.

mau-mauing: a verb the Grand Old Tea Party has resuscitated from a 1970 Tom Wolfe book, referring to harassing “activist” trying to take over government.

Obamaism: a fatal brew of liberal compassion (aka, pathetic naivete), self-preening, and arrogrance.

picking winners and losers: the fake argument that the free market takes care of itself, and makes for a level playing field. (I guess we’re not supposed to notice that the GOP/Tea Party supports all tax breaks and loopholes for corporate America).

the politics of envy: any mention on income inequality, social justice, or tax increases for the wealthy. Reverse Robinhoodism.

public sector jobs: jobs for the  low-skilled losers in the global economy. Curiously, the Grand Old Tea Party just spend billions of dollars trying to get these jobs at the local, state and national levels.

rational means and ends: what the Grand Old Tea Party (in its self-elected and self-regarding role as the Daddy party) decides will be the outcome of so-called voter preferences (affordable health care, minimum wage hikes, open Internet, etc.). The so-called voter preferences are thus just naive delusions and sentiments, that melt away when confronted by “reality”.

rents: any form of government regulation; what the fixers, lobbyists and activists use to control government and strangle competition. Thus the Wall Street Journal defines liberalism as a “self interested machine of influence peddling and rent extraction”. Note that reducing any form of tax or regulation to a “rent” renders any governmentality as a mere financial transaction, devoid of any more or public serve values or ideals.

Rube Goldberg scheme: any complex regulatory policy, such as federal fuel economy standards. Really, any policy the GOTP/Tea disdains.

visionless apparatchiks: any government regulators.

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