Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, innuendos, and meta-narratives in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov 21-28, 2014

anticarbon putsch: any attempt to regulate coal or other fossil fuel emissions.

climateers: the GOTP’s infantalizing characterization of anyone worrying about climate change.

common sense: like “hard-won experience” (see below), this GOTP master trope is always deployed in contradistinction to “feelings” (a stand-in for the much sneered at concept of idealism”). These “feelings” are at the core of the slow rot, or “deterioration” (see below) of America.

deterioration: the decline and fall of America, as presided over by Obama and the “Snobocrats”. What’s deteriorating: everything from culture to sexual norms to decency, honor and “common sense”.  This is the master jeremiad trope.

emasculation: what the internationalist wing of the GOTP (see below)  say has happened to US power under Obama. The next surge will be a bellicose, aggressive, confrontation, full-frontal phallic thrust into Iran, Ukraine, China, etc. etc.

internationalists: the McCain/Graham/Lieberman/Cotton wing of the GOTP. See “emasculation”, above.

grandee: any liberal member of the so-called “Snobocrats”, or the “Bossypantsocrats”.

hard-won experience:  the trump card of the GOTP, in its guise as the “Daddy Party”; contrasts to Obama’s perpetual “disappointed idealism”. Boy, is the GOTP a buzzkill these days!

perceptual/factual: in the words of Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, in response to Obama’s immigration speech, “The president ought to walk into this a lot more slowly, especially after an election. This idea, the rule of law, is really concerning a lot of people where I come from. And whether it’s factual or perceptual, it really doesn’t matter.” The GOTP finally admits that it’s indifferent to facts. Facts are stubborn things and only get in the way.

sermon (or lecture): any Obama moral statement. The GOTP, being “realists” using “hard-won experience,” act as if they are revealing the eternal verities of human nature, and not filtering everything through a moralistic filter.

tenderfoot Talleyrands: Obama’s foreign policy team, the ones who have “emasculated” (see above) America.

traditional state authority to police…..(just about anything): this mythical and mystical reserve clause for states obviates any federal regulation,and is a perennial trump card the GOTP plays whenever they don’t like a federal policy. Note, of course, that the “traditional state authority to police” elections wasn’t relevant back in 2000 in Florida.

vouchers: Republicans’ version of redistributionism. With their ascendancy in Congress, look for a lot more “voucher” talk in 2015.

working alongside/not getting in the way: the m.o. of red states when it comes to environmental regulation. “Working alongside” industry means never getting in their way–thus only “working” to further corporate interests.

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