Parallel Universes: Hyperbolic and Counter-Intuitive GOP Claims, Myths & Canards, April 12-18, 2013

In the 2000s, America tried to use a debt-fueled real-estate boom as a substitute for real wealth creation. The Fed’s loose money, government endorsement of private credit-ratings agencies and reckless promotion of homeownership created a housing bubble. The bursting of this bubble created a financial crisis. We do not want to repeat the experience

Housing bubbles are only caused by federal regulatory laxity and easy Fed money, and not in any way linked to private sector greed and deception?

“Can We Afford Another Housing Boom?”, WSJ

Another hallmark of the Bloomberg style is its insufferable condescension. One need only have heard the tiniest whine of a Bloomberg speech to know what I’m talking about. The preening attitude of superiority manifests itself in a form of moral blackmail. Adversaries of the Bloomberg-Obama agenda are not simply mistaken. There is, it is implied, something wrong with them personally.

Opponents of superfluous gun regulations are viewed as accessories after the fact to the latest mass shooting. Opponents of an immigration amnesty are either racist or nativist or cruel. Skeptics of the relevance or efficacy of efforts to halt climate change are “denialists” similar to the cranks who say the Holocaust did not happen. “The emotions of man are stirred more quickly than man’s intelligence,” wrote Oscar Wilde. That is a fair description of American political discourse in the age of Bloomberg and Obama, when the rich and liberal exploit pity, shame, and guilt to further their agenda.

Obama’s opponents are all either mass-murderer sympathizers, racists, or science denialists?

“The Bloomberg Presidency”. Washington Free Beacon.

“If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted,” Rep. Steve Stockman (R-OK)

The real philosophical question is how to do a background check on a fetus.

One of the dangerous inconsistencies of many, if not most, gun-control crusaders is that those who are most zealous to get guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens are often not nearly as concerned about keeping violent criminals behind bars. Leniency toward criminals has long been part of the pattern of gun-control zealots on both sides of the Atlantic. When the insatiable desire to crack down on law-abiding citizens with guns is combined with an attitude of leniency toward criminals, it can hardly be surprising when tighter gun-control laws are accompanied by rising rates of crime, including murders.

“The Fact-Free Gun Control Crusade,” Thomas Sowell, National Review. Right, gun control advocates care more about the rights of prisoners than those of gun owners.

Anecdote, the age-old enemy of logic, now reigns supreme and trumps induction — as if the exception is always proof of the rule, as if the public will always forsake reason for emotion. Forget the statistics on Obamacare — my Uncle Joe was denied coverage after he lost his job. The economy is getting better, because my friend Will was offered a job today. Why enforce federal immigration law, when there is no nicer window washer than Herlinda, who comes to my house every Tuesday? It hailed in June here; therefore the world must be experiencing climate change. I would never shoot an AR-15, and therefore there is no need for anyone else to. My nephew is gay, and he’s a great guy; therefore gay marriage is great too. Sally yesterday lifted heavier weights than did three guys in the gym: Presto, female soldiers can do anything that male soldiers can.

“1984 + 29,” Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

reductio ad absurdum personified

Nobody knows what’s going on behind closed doors as the current bombing investigation continues, yet media scribes, foreign journalists, and social-media sideliners are convinced: The tackler is racist. Anyone who mentions the nationality of the tackled student is racist. Forget terrorism. RAAAAAAACISM is the real homeland-security threat to our nation.

“America’s Empty Slogan: ‘See Something, Say Something’”, Michelle Malkin, National Review


Liberals believe that racism is a greater threat to the country than terrorism: this is how Malkin justifies racial profiling.

“We know that al Qaeda has camps with the drug cartels on the other side of the Mexican border…We know that people are now being trained to come in and act like Hispanics when they’re radical Islamists. We know these things are happening, and it’s just insane to not protect ourselves and make sure that people come in — as most people do, they want the freedoms we have.”

Louis Gohmert (R-Texas), on CSPAN

The feds may think $3 million is all you need after a lifetime of work, but that’s roughly the value of a California police sergeant’s pension if she works for 30 years, retires at age 50 and lives to normal life expectancy.

Out in the private economy, people generally have to work longer than that before they retire, and some of them do manage to save significant amounts. We’re talking about people who work for decades and abstain from buying the bigger house or the new car so they can contribute the maximum to their 401(k)s or IRAs. The people who defer gratification and build a nest egg to avoid becoming a burden on their kids or their fellow taxpayers. The people whose savings finance productive enterprise. You know, the bad guys.

$3 million is not enough to retire on? Obama wants to keep people dependent on the state via 401(k)s?

“Now He’s After your 401 (K)” WSJ

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