Demonized and Lionized, March 5-April 12, 2013

Demonized                 Thought Crime

The Consumer Financial Protection Board “a Dodd-Frankenstein by-product of a fascist political economy”
Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC spot arguing that  children do not “belong” to their parents but that child-raising is a collective act of civil society
Mitch McConnell surrendering on ObamaCare by supporting a continuing resolution
Sheryl Standberg championing women working outside the home—her “liberation” orthodoxy amounting to “an Age of Aquarius Society”
The AP Stylesheet ending the use of the term “illegal immigrants”
Paul Krugman calling Margaret Thatcher’s economic legacy into question
John Kasich embraced extending Medicaid coverage to those making up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level; declared himself in favor of civil unions for gays, and then had his spokesman withdraw the statement; proposed a “frack tax” on oil and gas production and an extension of the sales tax to many services in order to pay for a 20 percent cut in the state’s income tax
Stockton, California refusing to defund public employees’ pension plans
David Stockman “The Republican Party is just a coalition of four gangs. The neocons are interested in pursuing an imperialistic, militaristic foreign policy that has served us poorly for many decades. The social-cons want the government involved in issues it has no business being remotely near — choice, gay marriage, all the rest. The tax-cons think they can make everything better by cutting taxes. Then there are the rank-and-file Republicans who talk about the virtues of free enterprise and the evils of big government but never vote that way. These gangs won’t solve any problems.”

Lionized                       Heroic Word or Deed

Bobby Jindal call to abolish income and corporate taxes
 Sarah Palin mocking Mayor Bloomberg’s soda pop ban, calling Obama a “liar”
Brad Paisley writing a C&W song defending his racial positions
 Margaret Thatcher single-handedly saving the British economy and defeating the Soviet Union
Paul Ryan proposing a country where “abortion isn’t even considered”

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