Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Feb 10-15, 2016

activist: Dem supporter, environmentalist or liberal judge. Always a pejorative,  like “trial lawyers.” Tea Party/GOP loyalists are called supporters, not activists.

American leadership abroad: bomb the shit out of ’em. American troops and weapons: the New Centurions.

Black Lives Matter: Demspeak for Black votes matter. After elections, the Dems abandon blacks to their  own self-generated pathology of crime, drug addiction, welfare addiction, race-baiting, out-of-wedlock births, and self-righteousness.

Chinese, Muslims and Mexicans: cheaters, terrorists and rapists.

the economic collapse: fear-mongering about the alleged “corruption” of Wall Street; actually caused by the government handing out home loan to deadbeat minority borrowers.

the end of political correctness: the return of unbridled hate speech.

the establishment:
anything not Trump.

female contraception insurance coverage: bucks for sluts.

To God Be the Glory: Is Jesus Christ Ted Cruz’s campaign manager? Does this guy have a Messiah complex, or what? At least Obama said that “we are the people we’ve been waiting for,”   whereas Cruz clearly thinks he’s The One.

identity politics:  Dems claim they want to bring all races, classes, genders, ages and sexualities together, yet if they didn’t  divide by gender, race, class, and sexual orientation, they wouldn’t win any elections. Dems rely on class envy and economic and moral coercion to enforce their straitjacket brand of political correctness

hard work and effort: the opposite of the handout mentality of the “takers”  (aka, parasites). This unadorned Social Darwinism is a key Tea Party meme, effectively cancelling out any discussion of institutional racism, poverty, the corrupting power of money, increasing inequality, sexism, etc.

moral compass: being a Christian fundamentalist.

Obama: the food stamp President.

states’ rights: the states’ ability to deny human and civil rights in the name of the majority in power.

Trumpism: might makes right, profits define success,  and great strength leads to ever-greater authority.  More fact-free misanthropy and bigoted populism.

Vox Dei: Ted Cruz, the Voice of God

Vox Populi: Donald Trump, the Voice of the People.

Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, innuendos, and meta-narratives in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, October 22-28, 2014

banker-bashing: regulating the banks. Usually the nefarious work of the “Sandinista wing” of the Democratic Party (see below), especially Elizabeth Warren.

black-on-black crime: the real reason for the high incarceration rates of black males in the US. Even though it is a Non sequitur, this card is always played to re-direct any charges of white police brutality, “driving while black,” etc.

broken culture: another of the “real reasons” for the high incarceration rates of black males in the US. Just as the housing crisis was supposedly caused by scheming, lying  minorities cadging bad loans, any economic, political or social inequality in the US is blamed on Black Folks’ general lack of culture, shame or gumption. Just as with the meme of “black-on-black crime,” this serves as a Non sequitur designed to re-direct the conversation and blame the victims.

criminalize: regulate. See “banker-bashing,” above.

electoral integrity: voter suppression.

handover: under Obama, the allegedly vast wealth transfer from the middle class to the poor.

looting: suing BP. Another form of “banker-bashing” or “criminalizing” (see above).

moral compass: an inherently Republican character trait, usually entirely lacking in Democrats (who will say or do anything to get elected), especially Afro-American Democrats (who have a “broken culture”–see above).

(of) negligible economic impact: the Obama stimulus package, the largest in US history. Can also be used to refer to any disparate economic impacts that arise from price-gouging, monopoly pricing, restraint of trade, etc.

political speech: money talks.

sabotaging our borders: the secret Obama master plan to let in terrorists, Ebola, and undocumented aliens.

Sandinista wing of Democratic Party: Elizabeth Warren, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Saunders.