Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, phrases, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOTP language factories, Feb. 21-28, 2015

ambushing: asking Scott Walker a question. Actually, any challenging question is now called a “gotcha” question (see below), making the very act of even asking questions “divisive” (see below).

cheerleading for Islam: any defense of  Islamic faith as anything other than bent on revenge and religious intolerance.

compromising: sending a bill to the President’s desk.

contextualization: complicating simple moral choices, like when to attack other nations. Obama is now being accused of “contextualizing,” which is now a synonym for prevaricating, stalling, or avoiding any decision. As the saying goes, if you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail–never mind any mitigating circumstances.

division: always “sown”, always by Dems. Somehow, in the rhetorical world created by Karl Rove and David Frum, everything is really its opposite: social safety nets are racist and keep blacks on a “plantation economy”; Obamacare is bad because it forces people off insurance; net neutrality is not away to stop monopolies from charging “fast lane” taxes, but actually a way for the government to take over the internet and hobble it. Dem policies are, by definition, divisive, not because they divide the country but because they undercut GOTP policies.

estrangement from America: of course, what Obama has been accused of since his inauguration: a stranger in our midst, the “other,” an outsider. Sort of like being an “estranged” husband: not really a husband at all. The ultimate estrangement, f course (see “division,” below) is between Americans  (i.e. Republicans), and everyone else–a broad group that now includes, in Scott Walker’s moral political universe, liberals, terrorists, labor unions and school teachers.

“gotcha” question: according to the Urban Dictionary, any question that Sarah Palin is too stupid to answer.

heavy hand: of government (see “intrusion,” below)

human imperfection: therefore, according to GOTP dogma, there should be as little government as possible. Of course, a rational argument would be for the opposite remedy: the need for law, civil order and  agreed-upon moral standards.

inquisition: any one question Scott Walker (see “ambushing,” above), climate change skeptics, or opponents of immigration. This smear connotes intolerance, bigotry and persecution; it is a defensive term, and the opposite of inquisitiveness, ort asking questions for their own sake.

intrusion: any governmental control over private life, This characterization turns government in general–the constitution, laws, regulations etc.– into some crazed home invader, someone intent only on stealing what isn’t theirs, threatening thw wimmin & chilrun, and inflicting lasting harm.

narcissism: the ultimate charge against Obama. As the argument goes, his outsized (and unwarranted) self-regard compels him to make speeches rather than act, to arrogate unconstitutional power onto himself via executive actions, and place everything in the context of his image and legacy. This reduction of every Obama policy position to an ego boost has the rhetorical effect of rendering any of his acts or statements adolescent and self-centered  or “non-serious”. They often liken him to Holden Caulfield.

proving themselves: what welfare recipients need to do via drug tests. in fact, a ubiquitous blood testing regime is the only “humane” way to treat them.

takeover: GOTP language for any Obama policy initiative, especially any regulation over “free” markets. Policies such as net neutrality and Obamacare are never characterized as just regulations, but “takeovers,” as if Obama is building a Mussolini-style corporate tyranny. Such terms are key to the concentrated fury directed against net neutrality, which has been also been hysterically  called a “power grab,” a “depressing moment for American innovation and economic liberty,” and outright Marxist control over the entire economy. Typical rhetorical overkill whenever profits are threatened.