Romney & Pax Americana

Top Ten Memes from Today’s Wall Street Journal editorial, “The Foreign Policy Debate,”

  1. national interest=self-interest of everyday Americans
  2. superiority of the “American model of economic freedom”
  3. withdrawal from the Middle East  guarantees further war in the Middle East
  4. “weakness” and “indecision”¬† invite war
  5. (as opposed to “credibility” & “resolve”)
  6. “the calibrated uses of power”= “smart diplomacy”
  7. America as “guarantor of peace & stability”, “chief underwriter of the world order”
  8. “the human and economic possibilities” of a world that, until Mr. Obama came to office, was freer than it had ever previously been
  9. less respect & influence abroad
  10. economic decline at home

    decline, withdrawal, weakness, indecision
    respect, influence, credibility, resolve, power