Romney & Pax Americana

Top Ten Memes from Today’s Wall Street Journal editorial, “The Foreign Policy Debate,”

  1. national interest=self-interest of everyday Americans
  2. superiority of the “American model of economic freedom”
  3. withdrawal from the Middle East  guarantees further war in the Middle East
  4. “weakness” and “indecision”  invite war
  5. (as opposed to “credibility” & “resolve”)
  6. “the calibrated uses of power”= “smart diplomacy”
  7. America as “guarantor of peace & stability”, “chief underwriter of the world order”
  8. “the human and economic possibilities” of a world that, until Mr. Obama came to office, was freer than it had ever previously been
  9. less respect & influence abroad
  10. economic decline at home

    decline, withdrawal, weakness, indecision
    respect, influence, credibility, resolve, power

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