Lies, Distortions, and Doublethink in the Wall Street Journal, Dec. 16-17, 2016

The rationale for labor unions has long since passed. The last things workers need are so-called “workers’ rights.”

The Russian election hack was just another failed Russian escapade, but the Dems are crazed to turn it into something more substantive. All it exposed was the political cynicism and mendacity of John Podesta and the DNC.

If the Dems are so concerned about cyber security, why aren’t they complaining about Hillary’s exposing top secrets to foreign powers via her homebrew server.

A market-based home mortgage system would have prevented the 2008 financial meltdown. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac , and other government busy-body rules, guarantees, and regulations only encouraged the sub-prime loans to low-income families and minorities that caused the meltdown. Less regulation makes markets more equitable and transparent.

The West has lost its vitality to defend itself and its values against the Russians and ISIS.

Judging what is true is most often subjective. The current fake “fake news” hysteria, with it’s call for “fact checking” the news before it’s distributed, is a perfect example of bias masquerading as fact. Political debates could be settled if  Republicans would only accept what liberals refer to as facts.

Donald Trump will end the war on cops, which is being conducted in the name of a bogus “diversity.” The false narrative about alleged police racism and brutality disguises the fact that police shootings help blacks more than whites. The police care more about black lives than anyone else in America.


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