Lies, Distortions, and Doublespeak in the Wall Street Journal, Dec. 14-15, 2016

The Dems increased energy efficiency standards for appliances solely to hide the cost of their “green” renewable binge as reflected in utility bills.

Dems believe that government agencies were only created to advance liberal policies, and that November’s electoral results are a mandate to do more of the same. Thus they’ll try and block any changes in central-government, top-down rule by federal bureaucrats.

FBI Director James Comey did more to help Hillary than harm he because he didn’t find her guilty of breaking the law. This is perfect Karl Rovian doublethink: guilty if called innocent.

We’ve reached the point where questioning the impact of something is no different from denying that it exists. Thus liberals call anyone who questions the science behind theories of “climate change,” and call anyone who disagrees with gay marriage for religious reasons a homophobe.

Evidence that Russia determined the outcome of the election exists only in the imagination of Democrats,

Rex Tillerson is probably the last person to substitute his former employer’s interest in Russian oil for the aims and interests of the country that appointed him, though this is the “narrative” being hastily adopted by his enemies

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