4 Lies, Distortions, and Absurd Reversals in the Wall Street Journal, Nov.23, 2016

  1. The best way  to insure that President Trump doesn’t profit from government policies is not a blind trust or divestment, but to do nothing because the public and press will serve as watchdogs, barking at any conflicts of interest.  No regulation at all is the best guarantee of regulation (op-ed: “Living With Trump’s Conflicts,” by Holman  Jenkins).
  2. Central bank interest rate manipulations have been solely aimed at preserving self-defeating  tax, regulatory, and welfare policy orthodoxies. In the Trump era, economics will no longer be politicized. (Jenkins)
  3.  Obama paid terrorist-supporting Iranian mullahs billions of dollars. (letter to the editor). In fact, the money  consisted of frozen assets already belonged to the Iranians, and the US has no interest in financing terrorism.
  4. Racial (racist) and identity politics are the Dems’ only organizing principle (op-ed, “Democrats Are Obsessed With Race. Trump Isn’t,” by Jason Riley).

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