Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog whistles, canards, euphemisms, innuendoes, insinuations, fake outrages, and obsessions in The Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories and fever swamps, Nov. 15-18, 2016

anti-discrimination laws: ironically named because they most often discriminate against religious liberty, and the freedoms of speech and action. The real victims are those conscientious objectors who want to live out their faith in the marketplace without fear of prosecution for doing so.

arming yourself: being morally serious because you take others’ welfare into account. The innocent and law-abiding should be armed.

bigots: demonstrators now out in the streets protesting Trump. They are the haters.

Black Lives Matter: cop haters.

Common Core math: always favors the progressives; book-cooked.

Confederacy: a patriotic and idealistic cause, according to Steve Bannon.

democracy export: the progressives squishes’ recipe for American foreign policy weakness; a fatal and debilitating idealism. President Trump has already shown he can do business with the world’s strongest leaders,and our improved relations with Russia, China, Turkey, etc. will make America great again.

Instead of exporting democratic ideals, Trump will export xenophobia, nationalism, racial animus, suppression of free speech and the media, and a natural bias toward propaganda and outright lies.

detainees: what he Dems call terrorists in Gitmo. Right up there with calling terrorist attacks “workplace violence” and refusing to identify terrorist as radical Muslims.

the economy: to progressives, the daily life of work, profit, and loss that sends them revenue they can then redistribute to their constituents via bureaucratic rules and laws. Some might call it redistribution.

green gravy train: taxpayer funded indulgence so condescending, smug climate crusaders can feed their moral vanity.

law school liberalism: the inbred creed of the Ivy League-tinged  bi-coastal elites who so disdain  the citizens of “flyover country.”

protestors: undemocratic, out-of-control hooligans.

rule of law: law and order and stop and frisk.

In the case of Hillary, guilty until proven innocent. The Trump administration, in its headlong rush to obliterate the Obama legacy,  will attempt to repeal the rule of law by ignoring statutes, regulations, and precedents.

safety pin generation: like to wear government-issued diapers.

sexism: calling women who voted for Trump sexist.

slacker mandate: The ACA provision that employer-based health plans cover employees’ children until they turn 26 years old. Another piece of cradle-to-grave candy; another unfunded mandate.

terrorists: Obama’s biggest supporters.

treachery: working with Democrats.

Trumponomics: the new order of a market economy unleashed from regulation and the “oversight” of lifer bureaucrats.

In reality, as Matthew Yglesias argues in Vox:

The larger risk, however, is that Trump’s lack of grounding in ideological principles or party networks will create a systemically corrupt government. Such governments, Wallis writes, “are rent creating, not rent seeking, governments” that operate by “limiting access to markets and resources in order to create rents that bind the interests of the ruling coalition together.”

This is how Vladimir Putin governs Russia, and how the Mubarak/Sisi regime rules Egypt. To be a successful businessman in a systemically corrupt regime and to be a close supporter of the regime are one and the same thing.

Those who support the regime will receive favorable treatment from regulators, and those who oppose it will not. Because businesses do business with each other, the network becomes self-reinforcing. Regime-friendly banks receive a light regulatory touch while their rivals are crushed. In exchange, they offer friendly lending terms to regime-friendly businesses while choking capital to rivals. Such a system, once in place, is extremely difficult to dislodge precisely because, unlike a fascist or communist regime, it is glued together by no ideology beyond basic human greed, insecurity, and love of family.






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