Top five Wall Street Journal lies and distortions of the day, November 17, 2016

1.blaming the housing crash on minorities

2.casting the Tea Party/GOP as the populist workers’ party when their first orders of business will be deregulating the financial industry, eliminating the estate tax,  and passing the largest-ever tax cuts for the wealthy.

3.  US schools and teachers unions universally treated Obama’s election with “rallies and songs of homage,” but portrayed Romney, Bush and Trump as proto-fascist racists and war criminals.

4. EPA regulations cost $7 billion annually, and  that the environmental and health regulatory burden since 1980 has cost each American $13,000. Never mind any health benefits from clean air and water, reduced smoking, etc.

5. repealing the Volcker Rule and other regulations designed to force banks to be more capitalized and have less risk (aka lowered asset-based leverage ratios) will set the banks free, add to their liquidity, and unleash a new era of financial entrepreneurship.

Be very afraid.

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