Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, July 15-19, 2016

Black Lives Matter: anarchy and thuggishness.

contest of ideas: The ascendancy and domination of Tea Party rhetoric. This favorite phrase of Paul Ryan’s appears to champion free debate, with the best ideas winning out. In But there actually is no debate in the sense of presenting evidence and counter arguments, only dismissal of  straw-man liberal ideas. Nothing is “contested” because the fix is in.

haters: Trump’s critics. As Wesley Morris recently argued  in the New York Times:

Trump has taken “hater” further than any rapper, because he’s attained a power no rapper’s ever had. He can exploit the concept of hateration against investigative journalism, the legal system, pollsters, facts and establishment Republicans, while also being a practicing hater who can deflect the charge by making haters of his critics. He’s rubber; the rest of us are glue.

identitarians: see “race realists”, below.

justified: what the police are called when they are exonerated for committing “justifiable” homicide when killing unarmed or retrained suspects. These killings are judged to have been “by the book.” Why is it then that Hillary Clinton is not considered exonerated, or her acts “justified,” even when she is cleared by the FBI, Congressional committees, special prosecutors, etc., thus in essence determined to have gone “by the book” in terms of the rule of law?

kababs: Muslims. Aka, “rat people”.

national decline: the erosion of family values, patriotism,  respect for the sanctity of life, sexual restraint, etc. (see “personal character,” below). Also, America’s loss of respect around the world.

Negroid gun thieves: Black Lives Matter. Prehistoric cop killers.

persecution: (see “haters,” above). The establishment’s default attitude toward Trump.  Trump, acting as the persecuted, actually becomes the persecutor; posing as the victim, he becomes the bully; posing as the wronged, he becomes the avenging man on the white horse setting things right. Playing what Bill Maher calls the “whiny little bitch,” he becomes the attack dog, the insult king.

personal character: a rapidly declining quality, thanks to attitudes of victimhood, therapeutically-induced  self-justification, sloth, “identity” politics, political correctness, etc. Goes part and parcel with “national decline” (see above.)

public health threats: pornography, according to the GOP  Platform. Somehow, though, coal mining, carbon emissions, and military assault rifles are not considered threats to public health.

race realists: white supremacists.

socialist statist collectivism: life and rule under the ObamaClinton regime.

thugs:  both black teenagers and government; “thuggish government” is a redundancy, much like “legitimate government powers” is an oxymoron.

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