Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, July 8-14, 2016

above the law: the Clintons. Especially when ‘the law”–that is, the FBI, the Attorney General, Congressional investigations–find no criminal wrongdoing by the Clintons, they are considered guilty. There is no room in this moral universe for innocence.

Amexit: the withdrawal of America from global leadership under President Obama.

animus against police: any criticism of policing practices. This hatred of the police has led to falsehoods about police violence, and made it open season on police officers.

Black Lives Matter: inherently racist and anti-American. According to Rudi Guiliani, parents ought  to  tell their kids to fear black protestors rather than fear the police.

bribes and payoffs: any donation made to the Clinton Foundation. Any contribution, no matter how used or how intended, is thus considered guilty until proven innocent.

chaos: the result of “corrosive rhetoric” (see below). See also “disrupter,” below. Somehow, through the alchemy of rhetoric, Trump can get away with being perceived as a “disrupter” of the status quo, but Dems’ calls for political or social reform inevitably  lead to “chaos”.

civilization vs. chaos: what’s at stake when the police are unfairly criticized in “relentless” attacks. (See  also “corrosive rhetoric,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “animus against police”). Note the false dichotomy thus created: there is no middle ground between accepting police brutality and criticizing it. Any criticism of the police starts you down the moral slippery slope to “chaos” .

corrosive rhetoric: any mention of race or any criticism of the police.

cosmopolitan America: the sneering coastal elites who mock and devalue Flyover America. Donald Trump is the candidate of Flyover America.

disruption: Trump’s brand: the Lord of Misrule. When the Dems talk about expanded environmental regulations, women’s health services (including abortion), police restraint, background checks on gun ownership, family leave, etc–that is, any domestic programs that would disrupt the status quo–they aren’t praised as disrupters, but condemned as being “politically correct.”

Liberal racism: the racially divisive, politically correct rhetoric that is killing people. As explained in The American Spectator:

Liberal dogma requires that no matter what terrorist act or crime is committed the motivation of the perpetrator — if it is a black person, a Muslim, or any other protected minority — cannot be stated truthfully. That rule is obeyed even when it is obvious that the motivation is religion, race hatred, or politics.

Thus this p.c. rhetoric becomes the master trope connecting all news stories over the past eight years:

From Henry Louis Gates’s arrest to five assassinated cops in Dallas is a chain of events caused by eight years of racially divisive liberalism. That liberalism, expressed in politically correct rhetoric, abandonment of the rule and letter of the law, has torn our social contract to shreds. Everything from Hillary’s escape from criminal prosecution to the Dems’ insistence that gun control is the answer to mass murder is traceable to that single cause.

inflammatory rhetoric: any mention of race.

moral condescension: the hallmark of the liberal ruling class: contempt for the lumpen proletariat. Having a moral position at all opposed to Tea Party doctrine makes someone a self-righteous, moralistic hypocrite, just as merely bringing up the subject of race makes one a racist.

political correctness: not being right, but being hypocritical and blindly doctrinaire. Should actually be called lockstep or knee-jerk ideology.

postmodern progressives: moral anarchists, totalitarian to the core. For postmodern progressives, seemingly unobjectionable concepts such as justice, inclusiveness, diversity, and equality are actually barely-disguised wills to power. (see “moral condescension,” above.)

rigged: the only reason Hillary wasn’t indicted is because the liberal elites have “rigged the system” to protect her. There is a sinister media conspiracy to prop up the liberal state, based on its sense of moral superiority and the resultant condescension (see above). Nearly every elected official is part of this “rigged” system–only Donald Trump is telling the truth. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the real rigging: gerrymandering,  restricted voters’ rights laws, bailouts of Wall Street and the big banks–goes on unimpeded and even celebrated.


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