Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, March 29-April 2, , 2016

boutique leftism: the superficial, self-righteous and hypocritical ideological core of Angela’s Merkel’s pro-immigrant, green, redistributionist  Europe. Designed to make elitist leftists feel good abut themselves and how they are improving the world, while all the while mostly jus feathering their own privileged nests.

coastal progressives: the snobby, tony elites who run the Democratic party and look down on “flyover America.”

Europeanization of America’s youth: the current under-30 generation: social networking hedonists, ego-driven rationalists and perpetual adolescents, not working, living with their parents, waiting for government handouts, and sneering at tradition and religion.

fairness: lib-dem-speak for entirely arbitrary workplace rules,minimum salaries, working conditions, etc., disguised as natural law, “economic justice”  or “the way the universe bends.” “Fairness” in Dems’ minds is always the main quality of  the policy they most favor.

GOP establishment: caution, timidity, retreat, compromise

international trade: always job-killing

lawless: any Obama or Clinton policy position, executive action, or personal acts that can be politicized, such as e-mail accounts

lesser Americans:.anyone not supporting HRH HRC or other lib-dems.

moral posturing: any Dem policy position or statement of core principles.

national suicide: not closing our borders to all Muslims.

privileges: what feminists want. Men, on the other hand, now get all the responsibilities. Everything is now judged on the basis of the way it affects women: wages, charges of sexual harassment, etc.

rollback: drastic cuts to the federal budget as a way to return to limited, constitutional government. But, of course, “keep your guvment hands off my Social Security.”

“social justice” crusaders: Hillary and Bernie’s misguided and hopelessly naive  supporters, perennial whiners for equality.  Obama’s were known as “community organizers.” Part of the Western therapeutic mindset, such as that prevailing in Merkel’s Europe. (see above).  Note that the whole notion of social justice is always put in fright quotes to delegitimize it.

strength: dominance, bullying, blackmail and extortion, especially in foreign policy.

“suspect”: any innocent target of the Obama/Lynch/Holder cabal that persecutes religious groups, political opponents, and  businesses and police groups they don’t approve of.


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