Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, March 24-28, 2016

America First: America no longer “leading from behind,” and “losing internationally, but, instead, dictating the terms of trade deals, bullying foes into submission through overwhelming military force and torture, and blackmailing nations into submitting to US will. Another Superpower delusion.

Cheerleader-in-Chief: Trump’s version of Presidential leadership.

Cuban opening: Obama’s dorm-room enthusiasm for Che turned into American foreign policy. Coddling the tyrants.

faith-based justice: Ted Cruz’s legal framework. 

As this website points out,:

No one on the council represented any non-Christian religions nor any of the LGBT-inclusive or even more moderate Christian denominations. With Ted Cruz as president, it seems the only religion that will have any liberty is his particular conservative brand of evangelical Christianity.

It’s fascinating how a supposedly “objective” bedrock principle such as Constitutional Law can be based on faith, an unproven, wholly interpretive concept. (see also, “fear and loathing,” below).

fear and loathing: the core Trumpinista emotions. Explains their black and white dichotomies: winning/losing, us/them; telling it like it is/political correctness; making/taking, etc.

Herself: HRC.

“I don’t necessarily agree with his position on….”: How Trumpinistas frequently qualify their endorsement of Trump. This is usually followed by “but I know he won’t back down and he’ll fight for me.”

inner-city poverty: caused by the lack of “spirit” in “the Blacks,” according to the Donald.

Islamophobia: a junk term, akin to “climate change”, the female wage gap, or “evolution”. These are all Lib-Dem fairy tales.

life: a zero-sum game, with winners and losers (aka, “discards”) and no one in between. In The Donald’s  cruel black and white Darwinian world, success is defined in terms of money and power, and always comes at someone else’s expense. This is why he can’t just disagree with people but has to insult them. This is why he must smugly dominate every political issue. This is why he can lie and twist the facts. Life as total war, and Trump as the ultimate alpha male.

political correctness:  the Lib Dem’s free-floating world of ignorance and moral narcissism.

respect: respect the Trumpinistas’ anxiety; submit to their taxonomy of hatred, division, and animosity; cater to their fears and desperate need to feel protected from imaginary evils, enemies, and anarchic forces hellbent on defeating the US.

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