Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, July 12-18, 2015.

artificial: any mandated increases in minimum wages. Low minimum wages, on the other hand,  are deemed “natural” because they follow the iron laws of supply and demand, and the market is always right, right?

coercive diplomacy: a Tea Party euphemism for getting what you want through the threat of force. Diplomacy by bullying rather than compromise.

corporate cronyism: any Dem spending on “green” initiatives or regulations because, by definition, any firms awarded these contracts are Dem supporters and climate-change hustlers. When the GOP awards contracts or accepts the wording of corporate lobbyists on legislative drafts, it isn’t “cronyism”, just responses to constituents’ wishes and needs.

evangelical witness: the future of democracy, which lies in the hands of Christian America to stem the tide against the NEw Normal (see below).

hand-wringing: having  a conscience.

looming apocalypse: the ever-present (ever “looming”) threat to America so long as Obama is in power. Whenever a world leader, “rogue nation” (see below), or social/political movement unilaterally does or says anything counter to American interests, the apocalyptic Right moves the doomsday clock one tick closer to midnight. The storm is always “looming”.

natural- law-based ethics: the foundation of any Tea Party political position or legislation. By contrast,  Dem policies are either unnatural or “artific-al” (see above) because they are rooted in “cynical politics,” not natural ethics.

the New Normal: a society without any way to define aberrant behavior; an extension of “let it all hang out” Hippie culture.

rancid racial essentialism:
the central philosophy driving the Dems’ default strategy of “playing the race card.” By claiming race to be a mere essentialism–a social construction not anchored in anything “real”–the Tea Party unwittingly makes the case that race is in fact mental but not physical. What they want to say here is that the Dems always reduce everything to race, thus immunizing themselves from charges of political exploitation.

rogue nation:
any country that questions America’s hegemony or moral authority. Of course, when American foreign policy runs counter to that of most of the rest of the world–for example, if we insist on maintaining sanctions against Iran–we are never called “rogue.”

state-sponsored murderers: Planned Parenthood.

unelected: what judges who rule against the Tea Party are characterized as, thus undercutting their authority and legitimacy; when the Tea Party is pleased with their opinions, these very same judges’ legitimacy is never questioned.

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