Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, June 29-July 6, 2015.

crow: what Dems do when they refer to a favorable legislative or judicial outcome. Tea Partiers, on the other hand, are restrained and reflective.

discretionary spending: almost any bill dealing with social services, public assistance, family support, unemployment benefits, environmental protection, voting rights, or alternative energy development

investment provisions: in trade bills, protection of capital and property rights.

in your face, traditional America: Obama’s message to flyover country.

objects of hatred: Christmas, the Confederate flag, the American flag

progressive aristocracy: the elites who support Hillary.

regulatory harmonization:  in trade bills, a race to the bottom in terms of labor and environmental standards. Regulations are often characterized as non-tariff trade barriers.

religious freedom: freedom from the law. Nullification theory lives on as the Tea Party refuses to recognize unfavorable Supreme Court decisions such as marriage equality. When they claim that public officials aren’ t necessarily subject to federal law and can deny anyone public services, they are actually extending their powers in the name of religious liberty. (see “robust”). Sometimes called a “generous pluralism.”

retrogression towards barbarism: what liberal welfare policies have done to the black community.

robust: the powers that the Tea Party grants public officials who want to deny public services in the name of religious liberty.

staggering: any costs related to Dem regulations or policies. An intensifier, like “soaring”.

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