Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, dog whistles, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other Grand Old Tea Party language factories, May 4-May 11, 2015

broken-windows policing: often held out as a panacea for overcoming the “unrest” (see below) in black neighborhoods. As if maintaining the outward appearance of social orderliness can make us overlook the bottom-line fact that blacks are poorer, sicker, and falling further behind than ever before.

constraint: the inevitable outcome of government regulation. People, like markets, “want to be free”, so constraint is always interpreted negatively, synonymous with being shackled.

destroying wealth: any economic policy centered on cooperation and equality rather than competition and inequality, Tax increases for the wealthy–in fact, almost any government regulation–is thus described as wealth destroying.

enemies of America: gay marriage supporters, according to Ben Carson.

hate speech: any speech that questions Christianity, especially when Christianity discriminates against sexual or ethnic minorities.

“I’m not a scientist”: as Elizabeth Kolbert points out in The New Yorker, this is the standard Tea Party preface/apologia to draconian cuts in federal spending on scientific research. Astonishingly enough, claiming that they don’t know anything about a subject somehow rhetorically gives them license to legislate against it. Any researcher whose work runs counter to Tea Party ideology is now a “scientist”–like Obama, basically a fraud. The ultimate aim is to render all of blue America somehow illegitimate.

routine investigative steps: chasing and arresting unarmed people without probable cause; subjecting detainees to “rough rides”; assuming black people are acting suspiciously.

run amok: any regulatory or taxing apparatus

social justice warriors: Lefties who are out for the scalps of “everyday Americans.”

tut-tutting: derisive term for any Dem moral argument. Akin to when Obama is said to get on his “high horse. or complaint about social, economic or political realities.

ugly aside: any Obama remark that directly calls out the Tea Partiers on issues of inequality, social justice, or poverty. When Obama isn’t said to be being just plain “ugly,” he’s called by Peggy Noonan’s favorite scold term: ungracious.

unrest: a euphemism for what Jelanie Cobb calls “a symbol of an entire web of failed social policies, on education, employment, health, and housing.”

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