Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, phrases, canards, shibboleths and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOTP language factories, April 5-11, 2015

anti-business: any regulation of business that gives consumers more rights, forces more transparency, outlaws fraudulent or misleading practices, regulates emissions, prohibits monopolies, etc.

anti-Christian pogrom: the “culture war against Christians”, promoted by the “pc gulag” (see below), continues unabated in the minds of the Grand Old Tea Party (GOTP). Christian soldiers have to fight to be able to discriminate against blacks and gays.

brute power: the coercion the federal government uses to regulate, or that Congressional Dems use to steamroll a bill or silence their internal critics. When GOTP members exercise power, it’s not “brute” power but, instead, “persuasion.”

casuistic reasoning: any Dem policy arguments. This term implies that only highly tortured Jesuit-like reasoning can justify outrageous Dem policies, and that Dems will stop at nothing to stop from doing anything muscular and aggressive in foreign policy

freedom: denial of service to gays and minorities

looking the American people in the eye: what Obama either can’t do because he’s spineless, or is especially prone to doing when he’s lying. In a re-maned America, this is what Scott Walker promises he’ll do to defend the wimmin & chilin’ agin the mooslims. ( see below, “taking the fight to them before they take it to us”)

militancy: any espousal of human rights equality

mob mentality: any popular Dem policy, such as gay rights, voting rights, or gun control. Note that when a Dem position is popular, it’s called “mob mentality,” but when it’s unpopular is called “being out of step with the American voter.” So all are either demagogues or elitists

nuance: snidely described as “a favorite word of the terminally precious.” Nuance is for wussies. Putin and Assad don’t do nuance, and only understand blunt force.

the pc gulag: the source of the “war on religion.” This is the “liberal elites” who tow the ideological line and use “casuistic reasoning” (see above) to toe the ideological line and never question Dem doctrine.

race relations: in GOTP terms, this means getting along with the black guy at work; in Dem terms, this means critically acknowledging and redressing the economic, social and political effects of racism. Historian Jelanie Cob actually argues that “there is no such thing as race relations in the United States”:

There is only the relative presence or absence of racism and beyond that the fuzzy euphemisms that are just a notch better than inflammatory code words (welfare, crime) in our stilted racial dialogue. Good race relations meant that hundreds of thousands of diverse Americans could huddle together against the arctic cold on the National Mall to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama. Racism, however, meant that those black celebrants would disproportionately face police brutality, foreclosure, health disparities, and unemployment after the festivities were over.

secular seminaries: American colleges and universities.

shrill: any female or liberal critic of GOTP policies and positions.

staggering costs:  the axiomatic outcome of any Dem legislation or regulation. Thus the costs of environmental regulation or social safety net programs are always “staggering,” but the costs of military spending are always not high enough.

taking America down: what Dick Cheney says may be Obama’s ultimate agenda.

taking the fight to them before they take it to us: dog-whistle code language for building support for a US re-occupation of the Middle East.

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