Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, innuendos, and metanarratives in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, July 23-28, 2014

albatross: a “taker”; anyone getting any social safety net support. (See also “deadbeats,” below.)

altruism: liberal innocence and idealism; well-meaning but clueless responses to political issues. Also represented as a cover for Dem hypocrisy and corruption. Always used as a smear.

cocktail-hour convictions: another sneering characterization of Dem idealism and cant. A clever, catch-all phrase insofar as it encapsulates Dem elitism, hypocrisy, self-indulgence, and lack of any core moral beliefs.

contracts: part of Paul Ryan’s paternalistic “opportunity grants”; a new level of government monitoring of anyone receiving any form of public assistance.

craven: any Obama foreign policy response short of either armed invasion or massive supplies of weapons. (See “dithering” , below.)

deadbeat: anyone on any form of government financial assistance. The takers.

dithering: any Obama foreign policy response short of either armed invasion or massive supplies of weapons. (See “craven” above)

drive-by shooting: any regulatory or judicial policy or decision opposed by the Tea Party.

low-information voters:  Condescending dismissal of Obama supporters in 2008 & 2012. Easily swayed by race-baiting and promises of handouts. After all, anyone with enough information would vote GOP.

magnet:  Obama’s masterplan to grant blanket amnesty to Central American refugees, thus creating a whole new generation of Dem voters.

opportunity grants: formerly known as block grants. Part of Paul Ryan’s plan to give the states the power to shrink public assistance to a drip

the Party of Ideas: the GOP. Principled, selfless, and objective. Dems, by comparison, are amoral, self-serving and selfish.

prosecutorial zeal: the root cause of any indictment of a GOP political official or a corporate executive.

a real President: what the US has lacked since 2009.  GOP commentators have never accepted Obama as a legitimate president.

root causes. Getting behind Dem hypocrisy to the basics. For example, the “root causes” of poverty are laziness, fraud, and promiscuity.

self-sufficiency: what the poor are accused of never “reaching” or even aspiring toward.

sexual moralism: liberal political correctness on any issues related to rape, birth control, or sexual harrassment. Moralism is not the same as morality, since the Dems are inherently amoral or immoral.


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