Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, innuendos, and metanarratives in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, May 19-24, 2014

accomplices:Afro-Americans supporting Obamafascism. Unwitting dupes, acting against their own best interests.

amok:as in “bureaucrats run amok”.

bi-coastal: a sneer, especially reserved for the “urban media elite”.  Basically a variation on the old Sarah Palin meme about how the GOP represents the “real America” (aka “flyover America). Bi-coastal clearly implies bi-sexual.

gotcha: any question posed to a Tea Partier by the Dems. Like “science,” questions themselves have no intrinsic value opr demand to be answered–best to just rephrase them or call them an attack. More or less the end of critical inquiry

government control: paired in a false dichotomy with “personal liberty”. Another of these dueling essentialisms is entitlement v. equality. In both cases, the destructive effect (government control, entitlement) is said to drive out the virtuous value (personal liberty, equality).

industry: any organized Dem constituency or cause, as in “The Grievance Industry” or “The Hillary Clinton Industry”.

outfit: a government agency the GOP doesn’t like or wants to eliminate

taming the Tea Party: the meme of the week, masking the fact that all GOP candidates, including former centrists such Boehner & McConnell, have had to move all the way to the right to not be primaried.

taxation: the ultimate form of government aggression; never a force for good.

unreasonable: a regulatory agency or tax the GOP despises and wants to eliminate. In Tea Party logic, all taxes and regulation are unreasonable.

warmism: the central tenet of Climate Change Conspirators.

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