Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, and innuendoes in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Feb 4–7, 2014.

abortion: now rhetorically relabeled as an iniquitous “inequality”.

assortative mating: one of the reasons the poor stay poor, and why redistributionists are now called antimarriagists.

bonanzas: free trade pacts, Keystone, etc. Always treated as if there are no downsides, externalities, trade-offs, etc. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

“capitalists”: having some to see that this is now a pejorative term, GOPers are now starting to put it in scare quotes, as if to say, we aren’t mean old unfeeling capitalists, we’re just warm and fuzzy “job creators”.

cocoon: previously known as that benign, benighted thing called “the social safety net”, but now seen as a refuge for ne’re do-wells.

envy: the bedrock emotion underlying any calls for social justice or redistribution.

flake socialist: the new mandatory description of Mayor De Blassio.

the grown-ups in the room: in Congress, anyone opposing Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. The “grown-ups” are the only people you can “trust”.

“losing your job”: exactly what the CBO appendix in their Obamacare report did NOT say people were doing. On the contrary, people are giving up some or all of their jobs in some instances because health care (or, rather, the fear of losing health insurance),  no longer has the power make cowards of us all.

the New Class: rich and highly-educated people who didn’t vote Republican.

Obamafascism: No wonder they’re engaging in Perkins’ version of Krystallnacht. Also refers to the “mobs” who are giving Wall Street “the pitchfork treatment”.

parasitic and malignant: bureaucrats, who are also always modified by the adjective “stifling”.

political pluralism: the kind of inclusive, consensus building that the Obama admin supposedly has by-passed in all of its “imperial” hauteur. When the GOP says pluralism, though, they mean just always getting their way–their way to “compromise”.

wealth-shaming: see “envy”, above.

the workers’ party: the latest laughable GOP effort at re-branding. This time they align themselves with the workers because they want to do away with Obamacare, workplace safety, environmental regulation, financial reform and union rights–all of which are, of course, “job-killers”.

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