Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, phrases and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Dec. 19-20, 2013

big government:  any government. “Big” serves a mandatory modifier of neutral-sounding “government”. “Big government” leads to a “federal takeover” (see below); also is he opposite of “self government” (see below)

college education as an investment: the reductionist view of education that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. This is the wedge strategy for doing away with tenure, academic freedom, and the social sciences.

commitment: what Republicans value in sexual behavior. Democrats, on the other hand, prefer one-night stands, promiscuity and, and irresponsibility.

federal takeover: any government

guilt:  Obama’s core emotional appeal, said to be ” vast, vague, and unanswerable”, also insatiable. Always used derisively, as when belittling “crippling white guilt”. Without guilt, and its sense of moral obligation, no social mitigation of inequality is necessary.

honorable self-government:    Ideally the equivalent of no government in the perfect libertarian state in which individuals would be entirely self-determining.The modifier is a key part of this equation when it refers to states’ power (as opposed to federal power) because the states (or certain states) are inherently honorable and can be trusted with power.

identity politics: (see the “race, class and gender industry” entry, below). A card played whenever Dems address issues of social equity. When the GOP appeals, say, to Tea Partiers, it’s called “playing to the base.”

man’s work: timbering, mining, drilling

the political class: used derisively to refer to any democratic-leaning journalists or analysts.

the productive engines of the economy:  nurturing  (i.e., “coddling”) undermines these; only the “unfettered” free market releases these animal spirits. Overt attempts at equity or qwlfare re automatically defined as “unproductive”.

the race, class, and gender industry:  the social sciences in higher education. As if the only motive for addressing discrimination and inequality is an economic one.

reeducationIn true Stalinist fashion, the technique the so-called liberal “thought police”  use to silent dissenters and force them into  ideological compliance.

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